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37m Sunseeker Custom Yacht

Sunseeker Yachts

Sunseeker Yachts is a luxury motor yacht designer based in Poole, England. The company builds yachts from 37’ to over 100’ skillfully constructed using composite materials. Sunseeker have also now built their first superyacht measuring 37 m (135’) in length called THE SNAPPER.

Sunseeker yachts began as ‘Poole Powerboats’ and the first yacht built under the Sunseeker name was manufactured in the mid-1970s and the companies name changed in the early 1980’s. Now each Sunseeker yacht bears a hull derived from their racing experience.

Sunseeker has been the recipient of two International Superyacht Design awards and is a multiple time recipient of the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement.

There are 6 main lines of yachts making up the Sunseeker fleet of yachts from the custom 135 Motoryacht to the Ultra Modern Offshore Performance XS2000. They vary from a 135-foot long yacht down to a 37-foot long high performance yacht. The vast majority of the Sunseeker yachts produced are exported and the line includes custom motoryachts, flybridge motoryachts, performance motoryachts, offshore cruisers, and performance boats.

Custom 37m, 34m, 105, 30m, 90, 86, 82 and 75.

Each Sunseeker Yacht is customized for its owner, yet also benefits from our long production experience in proving the effectiveness of every element of its construction. Besides being the largest yachts in the Sunseeker range, the Sunseeker Yacht retains the distinctive style and planning hull shape that guarantees true Sunseeker performance and the ultimate in refinement.

Flybridge Yachts

Manhattan Motor Yacht 70', 66', 60', 52'

The Sunseeker Flybridge are the most highly specified yachts in the world, each Manhattan is built to order, which means you can obtain a semi-custom yacht at a production cost, choosing the layout and interior design options that meet your own requirements. And there is room for almost every feature you could need or desire.

Performance Yachts

Predator Performance Yacht 108', 92', 82',72', 62' and 52'

The Sunseeker range of Performance Motoryachts provides a great combination of features for those seeking familiar Sunseeker style and performance, as well as luxurious comforts. Extensive open-deck space is matched by spacious and imaginative interior layouts. The use of modern construction techniques, with advanced power and drive systems, means that you can also enjoy high speed, ease of handling and a wide cruising range.

Offshore Cruisers


The range of Offshore Cruisers provides sociable cruising that combines excellent performance with plenty of comfort. Their relatively high hull volume makes them particularly sea-kindly — and spacious within — while direct shaft drives contribute to good maneuverability and stable performance, and the sort of responsiveness that inspires confidence.

High Performance

43' Superhawk Performance Boat
XS Sport Performance Boat
XS2000 Performance Boat

The High Performance range epitomizes the race bred philosophy that underpins Sunseeker Yachts. Refined hull designs produce accelerated planning characteristics, while high technology materials allow a lightweight and immensely strong construction. Together with new engine technology, and attractive interiors with intelligent use of space, these craft will take you where you want to go, at speed and in comfort.