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Cruising Yachts

A cruising yacht is a yacht designed and built for long range live aboard sailing, as opposed to merely short range day trips. Traditionally associated with sailing yachts, the term cruising yacht has its roots in adventure and exploration of the oceans. Most ‘cruisers’ will purchase their yacht of choice, which is suitable for their intended itinerary, and disembark for extended periods of time, sometimes for many years.

Most people think of a cruising yacht as a small sailing yacht, but increasingly cruising yachts are getting larger and more luxurious and include both sailing and motor yachts which can have professional crew. Many luxury or superyachts are specifically designed for long range cruising and can easily achieve extended periods in remote areas due to their size and storage space. There are many powerful blue water sailing yachts as well as explorer motor yachts.

Most larger yachts are capable of long range live aboard cruising. Some designs, however, are more suitable than others, depending on your intended destination. Please contact a yacht broker to discuss what particular adventure or use you have in mind.

Cruising sailing yachts for sale:

Sailing yachts over 40 ft / 11m
Sailing yachts over 60ft / 18m
Sailing yachts over 100ft / 30m

Motor yachts under 50ft / 15m
Motor yachts over 50ft / 15m
Motor yachts over 100ft / 30m

Catamarans under 50ft / 15m
Catamarans over 50ft / 15m