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A Mega Yacht

Mega Yachts

Mega yacht is a term often used to describe luxury superyachts which are very large in size. There is no consensus on how large a private luxury yacht needs to be before it is considered a mega yacht and many people use the term mega yacht in place of superyacht or luxury yacht. Yachts this large are predominantly motor yachts.

Yachts over 100 meters in length can certainly be considered a mega yacht and something over 70m may be large enough. The term 'giga yacht' is also sometimes used. 

Famous mega yachts in navigation include Sunflower 508'53" (155) 2007, Eclipse 482'6" (147) 2008 delivery Roman Abramovich, Prince Abdul Aziz (yacht) 482'3" (147), Al Salamah 456'10" (139) 1999 Crown Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia, Rising Sun 452'8" (138) 2004 Larry Ellison, Octopus.

Blohm & Voss and Lurssen, both German shipbuilding yachts, often feature in the production of mega yachts.