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The design and construction of a new luxury yacht can be a wonderful experience for a yacht owner. To ensure that it's a fun process, things need to be well planned and well managed.

You need an expert on advising the best type of yacht and size of yacht for your needs, as well as suitable materials, designs, financing and market conditions. The whole procedure must be thoroughly considered, planned and executed from monitoring budgets, timelines and contracts to ensuring that the project maintains direction and drive.

Heesen 3700 YachtImportant questions for those embarking on a new yacht construction include: What is the yacht’s resale potential? What are ways to increase the yacht’s charter appeal? Which shipyard is best suited to a particular design or concept? Which designer would add value and style? Which boat builder is suitable and which one has enjoyed recent success on a similar construction?

A yacht broker will help you establish the right team for your unique project. Building a custom yacht is a complex, lengthy and expensive endeavor and maximizing its end success is key. There are many parties involved in the process. Your broker will assemble and organise the appropriate yacht designers, naval architects, captains, builders, legal and tax advisers.

It is here that you need recommendations and advice which is totally impartial. Your broker will supervise the project through the entire build, in terms of contractual specifications, so that it aligns fully with your expectations.

Some recommended yacht building companies:

Motor Yachts under 35 meters (112 ft)

Motor Yachts 35 meters (112 ft) to 60 meters (200 ft)

Abeking & Rasmussen

Blohm & Voss

Devonport Yachts


Hanseatic Marine




Sailing Yachts under 35 meters (112 ft)

Baltic Yachts

Southern Wind


Sailing Yachts over 35 meters (112 ft)

Alloy Yachts

Fitzroy Yachts

Farr Yachts

Royal Huisman



Perini Navi



Oyster Marine

Luxury Sailing Catamarans over 20 meters (60 ft)

Sunreef Catamarans



New Zealand Yachts