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There is an increasing trend for ever more fun and ingenious luxury yacht toys, from fully submersible submarines to radio/remote controlled sail and power boats to artificial floating ‘beaches’, to water jet tenders.  There is a huge range of large toys availalble for sale worldwide to tow behind tenders and RIBS, right down to floating kids toys.  Many of the boat toys now available cater to the entertainment and pleasure of the elite wealthy super mega yachts.  However, many popular yacht toys, including helicopters and submarines, are within the budget of the luxury yacht.  Below we have a selection of useful resources to help you locate and purchase a particular marine toy.

Tenders, Dingys & Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)

Manufactures and designers of yacht tenders include Avon, Niaad, Novurania, RayGlass and Zodiac.  Visit the following sites for info and sales for Tenders, dingys and RIBs:,,

Jet Skis, Waverunners & Seados

Jetski manufactures include Yamaha, Kawasaki. The following companies have info about or supply jet skis, Waverunners and Seados:,,,

Towable water toys, water skis, wake & knee boards, inflatable tubes etc

There is a huge range of towable waters toys and companies who produce them.  Here is a list of companies which can supply them:,,, and can also be a useful online source of many yacht toys.