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Motor yachts are growing more popular in the yachting world.  The fast cruising speed allows an owner to visit many areas and see many things in their itinerary.  You can easily have lunch in one desirable harbor, motor to a great swimming beach and then be somewhere different for diner. Motor yachts provide luxury, comfort, space and speed.

Here are some key luxury motor yacht benefits:

- Motor yachts typically offer more internal space for entertaining, both inside and out, larger cabins and head facilities as well as useable deck space.

- In terms of accommodation the cabins provide high volume space and elevated level of luxury comfort.

- The galley will be very generous - usually include all the luxury comforts of your kitchen at home or that of a commercial kitchen.

- A motor yacht will routinely offer a stylish modern interior, great electronic entertainment and amenities.

- They will also have an emphasis on sophisticated technological navigational and communications systems. This enables guests to be able to stay in touch and even continue with business connectivity.

- They are ideal for fishing and diving because of their storage space, stability and maneuverability. They usually feature a more shallow draft than a sailing yacht and can therefore get into closer anchorages and harbours.

- They are great for those with little sailing experience. The operation of a power boat is simpler than a sailing yacht. They often have stabalizers to help steady the yacht.

- Due to their extra speed, motor yachts can arrive at their next destination quicker than sail boats. This allows more relaxation time and less time underway.