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Luxury yachts or superyachts is a term used for private crewed yachts over 23m (82’) in length, according to the Superyacht Society. They are both motor and sailing, catamaran and mono hull, expedition and performance, racing and cursing. The demand for luxury yachts for sale has increased dramatically in recent years, as has the order of new yachts to be designed and built. Other terms use in conjunction with ‘luxury yachts’ are super yachts and mega yachts.

BoatWorld provides professional service for the marketing of luxury yachts, if an owner wishes to sell their yacht. We also give info and specialist advice on luxury yachts for sale and new build options.

Luxury yachts can vary immensely in size, style and function and they are sailboats, motor boats, classic or ultramodern, displacement or fast planning. The largest and most lavishly appointed luxury yachts are typically motor yachts. Power boats have the size and stability to provide beautifully interior designed saloons, artwork and sculptures. These interiors are spacious and tastefully decorated and the private cabins are large with individual en-suites and baths. The yacht’s outdoor decks are designed with overflowing space, perfect for entertaining, sunbathing and enjoying other outdoor activities.

What better way to experience an unsurpassed taste of freedom, elegance and style than on a luxury yacht. Crewed luxury yachts give you ultimate privacy, control and freedom. You and your friends are the only guests aboard the luxury yacht, whether motor or sail, and the only ones the crew need attend. Join the growing numbers who relax in absolute luxury and style on their vacation and go where and when they command.

For extra entertainment luxury boats can also include with ‘water toys' and other peripheral equipment. Wind surfers, water skis, kayaks, jet skis, and assorted dive equipment, are just some of the typical extras. The largest luxury yachts, or mega yachts, may also boast a submarine bay, a helicopter pad, a full gyms or cinema. Private yachts come with their own speed boat (tender) to ferry passengers ashore or take guests water skiing to the beach.

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