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Yacht Charter Boats for Sale

You can buy a used or ex yacht charter boat at a very reasonable price.  Most yacht charter companies sail their yachts for four or more years and then on sell the yachts to the public.  The yachts for sale include used sailing catamarans and monohulls, such as Beneteaus, Bavarian, Fountain Pajot, Jeanneau, Lagoons, Bahia catamaran, Roberts & Caine, Belize, Privilege and all the usual makes and models. The main bases that they are sold are in the Caribbean & Mediterranean, although yachts do come up from the Pacific and other parts of the world.

The prices of ex charter boats are normally very reasonable, because although the yachts are often still relatively modern and young, they are also quite well used or warn. The engines may have quite high hours (you should check whether it is time for an overhaul) and the rigs and sails may be well worn. On the positive side, these charter yachts will have been constantly maintained throughout their lives. When anything needs replacing it will usually have been replaced immediately.  There are also proven entities.

Many parts are replaced after a certain amount of time, whether they were broken or not. Buying used yacht charter boats for sale can be an very cost effective way be able to afford and enjoy some great yachts. It can also be a fantastic way to purchase and pick up a yacht in an interesting charter location, do some cruising, and sail it back to your home or where you wish to keep the yacht.