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Abeking & Rasmussen Yachts.

Abeking & Rasmussen is a yacht building company that has created many beautiful luxury yachts.  Abeking & Rasmussen currently produces classic, performance and cruising sailing yachts from varying materials, as well as larger 50m plus luxury motor yachts.

Since George Abeking & Henry Rasmussen founded the Germany shipbuilding company in 1907, more than 6,400 ships and luxury yachts have been built as well as many famous classic yachts.  Now the team focus their considerable talents on larger yachts over 30 meters (100ft) in length.  The new yachts are modern and technologically advanced, just like their classic counterparts where at the time they were built and they too are classics of the future.

“It is our task to transform the owner’s dreams into functional and reliable reality without making any aesthetic compromises.”

Abeking & Rasmussen produces not only luxury private yachts but also larger specialist ships, with exceptional sea keeping stability, for military and commercial uses.  This emphasis on technology and fabrication is brought directly into their superyacht production, whether motor yacht or sailing.

AVIVA Abecking

Some recent luxury yachts by Abeking & Rasmussen:

A&R Excellence IV
Yacht Aviva!
Silver Cloud
1955 Abeking & Rasmussen 112' Classic Yacht
Lady Sheridan
Excellence III
NEW 257'
New 147'
Ultima III
Silver Shalis