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FAQ: Yacht Purchase, New Builds, Yacht Brokers and Selling your Yacht

- What is the best way to find the right luxury yacht – Should I use a yacht broker?

To find your ideal yacht, contact a licensed yacht broker or dealer. Their job is specialised to focus on finding exactly what you require. They do this with their expert knowledge of the yachts available worldwide and a comprehensive database of yacht listings.  If you are interested in building a new yacht a broker offers a network of information and can bring you to the most appropriate designers and builders, depending on your particular project, yacht type, budget and location.

- Who is responsible for paying the yacht broker when I purchase a yacht?

The seller of the yacht pays all yacht broker commissions. This workd well and is standard in the yachting industry and is similar to many other industries, such as real estate.

- When I sell my yacht what is the process?

Your broker will coordinate the entire process, with the central aim being the optimal financial succes of the sale.  Your broker utilises intelligent marketing strategies to promote and market your yacht on the global stage. You broker specialises in aligning prospective owners to suitable yachts such as yours.

- Is a broker useful when I build a new yacht?

Your brokers will be an expert on advising the best type of yacht and size for your needs - as well as suitable materials, designs, financing and genral market conditions. Yacht brokers help you establish the right team for your unique project. Building a custom yacht is a complex, lengthy and expensive endeavor and maximizing the end success is key.

There are many parties involved in the process. Your broker will assemble and organise the appropriate yacht designers, naval architects, captains, builders, legal and tax advisers.  It is here that you need recommendations and advice that is totally impartial.  Your broker will supervise the project through the entire build in terms of contractual specifications so that it matches your expectations and beyond.

- Why is representation needed if I undertake a new build yacht?

Representation in the new build process gives you the following key benefits:

1. Maxamise added value in terms of the yacht’s features and capital worth
2. Representing you to the shipyard, thereby forming a critical link between you and the shipyard
3. Technical experience and knowledge of yachts and yachting
4. Supervision and coordination of the collaboration
5. General market knowledge

- Is there information on important yacht designers?

Your broker will introduce you to yacht designers, and designs, depending on what type of yacht you are interested in. You will be shown the yachts that designers have completed to give you a good gauge on what may interest you.

For general information now, follow this link to the major yacht designers.

- Why do I need a designer, rather than leaving this to the ship yard?

A designer offers creativity to your project that is customised and original.  He/she will meet you needs on an individual basis.  Designers offer important knowledge and experience of yacht construction, as well as what can and can’t be achieved with innovative new materials. The designer can bring alive your ideas, and in many situations, improve them in unexpected ways with their specialist up to date knowledge.  This adds both practical and economic value to the yacht.

- Is there information on the important ship yards and yacht builders?

A broker will provide you with detailed information and greater insight into the various suitable ship yards and yacht builders.

For general information now, follow this link to the major yacht builders and ship yachts.

- Is marine / yacht insurance necessary and how much will it cost?

Yes marine insurance is essential.  It is difficult to determine the cost of insurance because it is dependent on many factors relevant to your situation.  A tailored quote will be created.  Important considerations include yacht design, value, navigational and safety equipment, location of your yacht, where you wish to cruise, and your personal boating experience.

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