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Modern classic yachts & boats.

There has been strong interest over recent years for modern classic boats and sales have been steady. The idea behind the modern classic boats is that you have the grace and head turning beauty of traditional yacht designs, while you also have modern technology, materials, performance and luxury features.

Traditional classic power boats such as Rivas have become so popular that many new boat building companies and older ones have started producing modern copies of the old classic designs.

There has also been an increase in the design and building of large modern classic luxury sailing yachts. There is nothing afloat more impressive than the sight of a brand new 100 foot modern classic sailing yacht and nothing more impressive than the feel of her when sailing with powerful modern sails and hull design.

Here is a list of some helpful modern classic resources:

To charter a modern classic boat contact is a great North America source of classic power boats for sale. produces modern classic mahogany speed boats and yachts.
K & M Yacht builders from Holland build some lovely modern classic sailing yachts.

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