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Black Magic - Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson Yacht Designs - Racing and Sailing Yachts

Doug Peterson is a designer of luxury yachts, superyachts, sailing yachts and racing yachts based in California, USA. Peterson started his design career in 1973 with the Ganbare, a one ton racing yacht. To date, Peterson is still specializing in racing and luxury yacht designs and has worked along side of some of the world’s great builders and interior designers to make some of the most famed yachts around the globe.

Most recently, in June, 2008, a Doug Peterson designed sailing yacht took two first place and a fourth place win at the starting day Coutts Quarter Ton Cup races. The yacht was a 1982 design, the Tom Bombadil, which also fared nicely in the 2007 Royal Corinthian Yacht Club's Vice Admiral's Cup.

The innovative Jongert 2700M called Matokaoma was recently sold in late 2007. This luxury sailing yacht is innovative as it was the first to feature the wheelhouse sliding roof. True to Doug Peterson’s high performance racing designs, the Matakaoma doesn’t disappoint, but also offers the luxury of a superyacht with the uptown flair of the master stateroom and two large cabins. The terms of the sale are being kept hush hush, but for this exquisite sailing yacht, the seller surely walked away a little less sad for having to give up the Matakaoma.

Doug Peterson has no website and there are no press releases of up and coming designs. Peterson was the designer of the Williwaw racing yacht. Peterson was more recently the lead designer on the Luna Rossa during the Louis Vuitton Challenge after being beat out by the team headed up by Dennis Connor.

The Peterson 44 was a performance cruising luxury yacht designed for Jack Kelly Yachts in the mid 1970s. About 200 of the Peterson 44 yachts were completed and sold, and many of these are still seen at marinas today. Following the Peterson 44 were the Kelly Peterson 46 and the Formosa 46 designs.

The Taboo is a Doug Peterson designed luxury sailing yacht that is chartered in the Caribbean. Taboo is an 81 foot schooner with all of the hi-tech navigational equipment necessary for a charter yacht. This yacht is loved my many and the owners of Taboo are delighted with several repeat customers.

In 1993, the Black Magic was launched. Doug Peterson collaborated in the design of this winning racing yacht. Black Magic took all but one of the 43 races it entered in 1995 and won New Zealand the Americas Cup. This is possibly the greatest triumph achievable by any yacht designer.

A 1978 Doug Peterson 39’ is available for sale in Cape Town, South Africa. This luxury cruising and racing yacht for sale sleeps six in the two large cabins and the five seat salon that converts into a sleeping area. This yacht can be owned for $69,000.

In Plymouth, UK a 1977 Doug Peterson designed Contention 30’ is available. This cruising racing yacht has won multiple awards and cups and the owner is ready to accept any reasonable offer. The asking price for this yacht for sale is about $20,000 converted to USD from GBP.