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Philippe Starck is famous in the yachting world for being involved in the famous superyacht SIGMA. Philippe Starck is a French yacht interior designer and one of the most famous designers in New Design styles. Born on the 18th of January 1949 and in 1968, he studied at the Ecole Nissim de Camondo in Paris. Philippe has established his first firm design that specializes in objects that are inflatable and became an art director in his own firm in 1969 with Pierre Cardin. In fact, he is well known when it comes to contemporary designs. He doesn’t only accept public commendation because of his amazing structure interior designs; he also proved that he is one of those who accomplished product and architect design.

Philippe Starck’s design collections range from impressive interior designs to mass production of consumer goods like chairs, toothbrushes and houses as well. Philippe’s profession has started to rise in 1982 when he worked in the President Francois Mitterrand's private apartments where he worked alone as a product and interior designer ever since 1975. In 2002, he created products design that are inexpensive for American retailer stores. These products include optical mouse for Microsoft, beer companies and yachts beer companies. In fact, the Virgin Galactic in New Mexico or what they call spaceport was specially made by Philippe Starck.

Philippe Starck’s works produced in 1980’s and in 1990’s were influenced by novelty and fashion but in the turn of 21st century, he decided to change his designs. In recent time, he promotes the philosophy that integrity and honesty should be the primary foundation of the design. Philippe Starck also believes that designers that we need should be both objective and honest.

Philippe Starck’s products designed are displayed in the American and European museums collections, involving Brooklyn Museum located in New York, Museum of Design located in London and Musee des Arts Decoratif in Paris. His exhibitions of works have been apprehended in Rome, Dusseldorf, Paris, Kyoto, Marseille, Chicago, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles. All his contributions in the field of designs have been fully appreciated all over the world; here are some of the accomplishments Philippe Starck has contributed.

He began his wonderful works in establishing his very first company that produces inflatable objects in 1968. In 1976, He designed the Stack en suite, a night club in Paris, and in 1978, the Paris nightclub Les Bains-Douches. In 1982, he practiced his interior designer profession and renovated the apartments of President Mitterrand in Paris' Elysee Palace. In 1984, Philippe Starck designed the Café Coste in Paris and Tokyo's Café Manin and continued to do his designs in 1987 by designing the private dwelling apartment and houses in Lemoult Paris. After this year, he also did the interior designing of Royalton located in New York.

With Philippe Stack’s perseverance, wonderful masterpieces were launched and admired by the public throughout the year and he continued to raise his profession when he designed the La Flamme building situated in Tokyo in 1989. In this same year, he also designed the commercial premises in a French cutlery company named Laguiole and in the year 1990, Philippe Starck designed Nani Nani office for Rikugo, Paramount Hotel in New York and the Café Teatriz in Madrid. After this year, Starck played the role of leading in the designs of Groningen Museum in Netherlands, designed the green Baron Office Block, The Angle in Antwerp, 18 rental apartment in Los Angeles, created designs for private houses in Madrid, designs commercial premises for organic products manufacturer near Bordeaux and he also designed the entire street block in La Rue Starck.

In addition to his works in 1980, he also created items and furniture that have been manufactured by firms around the world. He also received various awards and prices because of his industrial designs. He also created motor yacht for Beneteau, noodles for Panazi, kitchen appliances for Alessi, language for Vuitton, mineral water bottles for Glacier, office furniture for Vitra, Urban fitting for Decaux as well as doorknobs, spectacle frames, computers and vehicles.