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– Premier Custom Superyacht Designers

H2 Yacht Design is a company started in 1994 by Jonny Horsfield and Steve Howard. The main office of H2 is located in London, where the owners feel they have the best elements available for interior design. Horsfield and Howard have over 30 collective years of experience in the yacht and superyacht business and have been personally involved in over 100 superyacht design projects.

H2 Yacht Design has six new build projects currently being built. These yachts range from a 50 meter superyacht to a 115 meter megayacht. Between the two are a 90 meter, a 71 meter, and two 70 meter superyachts. They also have several new and very innovative concepts for interior as well as exterior yacht designs in the works.

H2 offers interior and exterior yacht design services which starts with a consultation in which the design team will listen to the customer’s desires and then develop a variety conceptual design proposals to the buyer. Once the buyer approves a design, the team will draw up the interior and exterior designs in detail on paper as well as a computerized version using Auto Cad. If the buyer wishes, the team can even create a visual video computerized walk through of the design that looks as realistic as if the yacht had already been completed.

After the design is approved, H2 will choose a shipyard with the customer that will best provide the type of building experience that would accommodate the needs of the design. H2 will stay in constant communication and physically attend and inspect every step of the construction of the yacht. Once the yacht is built, H2 will acquire and place every interior detail down to the table napkins to create an aesthetically pleasing and livable space that the customer will love.

Some of the recent commissions that H2 has been assigned and/or seen through to completion are the Talisman C, the Mary-Jean, and the Sarha. The Talisman C is a 54 meter superyacht that is under construction currently. H2 has been assigned the interior design and has already started drawing up the incredible plans. The combination of flame mahogany and maple burl woods gives this design a warm, sophisticated feel. This classy design looks like it is right out of a Beverly Hills mansion.

The Mary-Jean is also under construction but H2 wastes no time in getting the interior planned. This 49.1 meter beauty is set to boast of a contemporary, stylish interior with harsh color contrasts such as black and white. The woods and finishings follow suit with dark and light contrasts. This yacht feels like you won’t know if you are dreaming or awake.

The Sarha was commissioned to H2 Yacht Design in 2001 as a refit project of sorts. The Sarha was a commercial ferry that someone had purchased and wanted H2 to transform it into a luxury yacht. The project was so large that it turned from a refit into a complete rebuild. The results are phenomenal. The interior is spectacular with bright blues and other colors that make this a very happy and fun place to be. The exterior design is such that one would never have guessed the yacht to have been a commercial vessel. The Sarha is like nothing you have ever seen, and is sure to be a dream come true for the owners.

You can take a virtual look at each of these projects and many others at the website of H2 Yacht Designs. You will also want to check out the superyacht and interior design concepts that they display and even get some ideas from the residential decorating they show. Contact information for H2 Yacht Designs is also available on the website.