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Falcon Yachts

Sleek, Classic, Luxury Superyachts

Falcon Yachts is a multi-talented builder of motor superyachts and megayachts. Falcon Yachts not only designs their signature luxury yachts, but they also build them at one of their two shipyards. Not only that, but they can advertise a yacht like no other. Falcon Yachts Srl. is best known for their good design taste, classic lines, and quality construction.

Falcon chose to advertise the new model luxury yachts by making appearances at the world’s most famous events. No, they didn’t put a Falcon on a trailer and roll it down the red carpet into the Oscars, but they did cruise along the beaches of Cannes during the famed film festival and make an appearance on the coast of Monaco during the Monaco Grand Prix. This sort of marketing scheme has worked well for Falcon Yachts over the years, and it appears that 2008 will be no exception.

What a better time than Easter and Spring celebrations is there to show off a new line of luxury superyachts? Falcon doesn’t disappoint when they cruise their yachts along the beaches of Spain after the Easter parades when locals and tourists hit the beaches.

Carnival is the main event of many coastal cities around the world during the first two months of the year, and this happens to be prime time for yacht sales, too. People in the market for a new luxury yacht are on the lookout for the perfect vessel, and even people who don’t yet know they are in the market to buy a new yacht may decide that they are when they get a glimpse of the new Falcon 115’ from the streets of the Venice Carnival or the New Orleans Mardi Gras.

The sleek design of the Falcon 115’ megayacht is in itself a head turner. The clean, classic lines of the 35 meter luxury yacht make it seem to be gliding atop the surface of the water. Once inside, yacht shoppers are amazed at the wealth of space to entertain guests in the saloon area. The sleeping quarters are spacious and comfortable with all of the amenities a guest or owner could ask for. The separate quarters for the crew include crew cabins and a dinette to ensure guest privacy. The power of the Falcon 115’ is no joke, either. One would not expect a yacht of this size to travel at a maximum speed of 26 knots.

Falcon Yachts Srl. is the sister to the existing shipyard, Cantieri Navali Falcon Srl. Because of the high volume of sales of Falcon Yachts, the second shipyard facility was necessary. Now Falcon Yachts specializes in fittings and construction of some of the megayachts. The founding company of the Falcon group, however, is neither Falcon Yachts Srl. nor Cantieri Navali Falcon Srl. It is Cielo Terra Mare CTM Sas. Cielo Terra Mare CTM Sas began operations in the 1950s in Italy, where they remain today, as do both shipyards. In the 1980s Cielo Terra Mare CTM Sas began the Falcon brand and built the Cantieri Navali Falcon Srl. Shipyard. Falcon Yachts Srl. followed a few years later.