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Glade Johnson Design, Inc. is the namesake of owner designer of luxury superyachts Glade Johnson. The company was established in 1987 in Seattle, Washington, USA, but Glade Johnson works with shipyards around the globe.

Glade Johnson Design has received numerous awards for best interior and exterior design of yachts, as well as refit awards. Some recent projects designed by the Glade Johnson firm have been the Oasis, a 59.5 meter motor superyacht, the Altessa III, a 204 foot motor yacht, and the Capri, a 58.5 meter motor yacht. All of these were commissioned for interior and exterior design.

The Oasis is a spectacular 195 foot megayacht that was completely designed with the owner’s input. Oasis has a master suite that includes a sitting room, his and hers bathrooms, and a private study down a corridor. Four more spacious guest rooms include two king beds, a queen, and two twin beds in one room. The dining area seats 12 at a large, formal oval table. The saloon offers several seating choices, a bar, and off of it, a sixth guest suite. The sun deck has a swimming pool, a bar, a barbecue, and an open air shower. There is also a covered dining area on the sun deck and an area that is easily converted into a helipad. The exterior design is sleek and contemporary and absolutely head turning.

The owner who commissioned Glade Johnson Design, Inc. for the Oasis did so after seeing the Capri. He had looked at several others but the Capri was the closest to what he wanted – but different. The Capri is a 58.88 meter motoryacht with a similar exterior design as the Oasis, but with more of a classic feel. The interior is as impressive as that of the Oasis, but cozier and more intimate with softer furnishings that are placed in close proximity. The Capri has more of a romantic feel to it, but with all of the amenities and extras that anyone could dream of on a yacht.

The staff at Glade Johnson Design, Inc. is a diverse crew of designers. There are eight besides Johnson, each with his or her unique visions and capabilities. Some design by hand with pencil and paper while others use hi-tech equipment and computer programs. All, however, are skillful and extremely good at what they do, as is seen in every one of Glade Johnson Design works.

The 103’ motoryacht Shana is being offered for sale in California. This is a Glade Johnson design inside and out from 1989. She has been recently refitted and is in excellent condition. Shana offers three staterooms plus crew, a large galley and spacious saloon, and a small but functional sun deck. Shana is being offered for $3,850,000 USD.

Other Glade Johnson Design, Inc. yachts advertised for sale are the Georgia, a 159’ sailing yacht in the Cayman Islands, the Ranger, a 136’ sailing yacht also in the Cayman Islands, and the Lurssen is available in France, a 195’ motor superyacht that is going for about $116.3 million USD. The first two yachts for sale in the Cayman Islands don’t offer an asking price in their listing, making the reader feel that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. If you want a luxury yacht designed by Glade Johnson Design, Inc. you’d better be able to afford it. Otherwise, charters are available.

Glade Johnson graduated in 1969 from the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design and went on to work in the automobile industry as a concept car designer. He then went to work as an interior designer for the aircraft industry. Because of this experience Johnson is aware of the need to combine beauty with safety and the need to integrate the design with the structure, all while helping the buyer to realize his dream yacht. That is the primary focus of Glade Johnson Design, Inc.