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Reichel Pugh Yacht Design

The Reichel Pugh is a well-known company that is committed in designing yachts. The company resides in San Diego, California, USA. The company is led by the partners that reflect their names in the company registration, John Reichel and Jim Pugh.

The company had been known to compete in many major sailing competitions, also including the America’s Cup. The yacht designs from the Reichel/ Pugh are known to have the course records for numerous yacht races known like the Sydney-Hobart yacht race.

The yacht designing company, Reichel/ Pugh yachts designed are in a production series; included in the production series are the Melges 32, Melges 30, Melges 24, Melges 20, and the Melges 17. The production of the yachts is in huge array up to the super yachts like the Visione 150’ and the Panamax 200’ ketch.

Both John Reichel and Jim Pugh are into the close involvement in the design of the IACC yacht in ESP 88 but not in the ESP 97 for the 2007 Desafío Español syndicate that reached the stage of the semi-final of the Louis Vuitton Cup in 2007, which was used to select for the America’s Cup 2007.

The home team of the Reichel/ Pugh is a talented collection of individuals with the talent in the architecture and engineering naval designs; however, the Reichel/ Pugh still has a strong belief in the importance of finding and searching for new ideas from external source. The investment of resources made continuously for research as well as the development of new ideas collated are major aspect that is maintained to keep the company ahead among all others involved in the yacht designing and manufacturing.

Keeping ahead on the latest technologies and other related details is important to be maintained for the Reichel/ Pugh, included in these developments and designing of the Reichel/ Pugh research are the testing on tanks CFD or Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Matellurgy and Advanced Composite Engineering for them to be integrated in the yacht advancement of the business.

Among the developments of the company in the yacht courses they have joined in the years back include the winning in the last five Maxi Rolex Cups; 2002 Bermuda Race, Pyewacket; 2005 Transpac, Morning Glory; 2005 Montego Bay Race, Titan; and 2005 Sydney-Hobart 2005, Wild Cats.

Moreover, in the year 2007 alone, the Reichel/ Pugh were able to achieve the following:

- Giraglia Rolex Cup, Alfa Romeo ( 1st place)

- Rolex Sydney, Wild Oats (1st place) – third consecutive times been sweeping the Line of Honors.

- Maxi Rolex Cup, Morning Glory (1st place)

- Buenos Aires, Rambler (1st place)
• First place in the following and new records in the 2008: Block Island, Transatlantic, Fastnet and Middle Sea Races were garnered.

- Rolex IRC National Champion, Blue Yankee (1st place in both Marblehead-Halifax and Vineyard Races)

- Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, Yendys (1st place)

- Montego Bay Race, Sjambok (1st place)

- Annapolis – Newport Race (1st place)

- IRC East Coast Championship (1st place)

The partnership that have been developed between Reichel/ Pugh Yacht Design and Stephen Rock Yacht Broker, the blend in the high performance, innovation and design as well as the experience in the construction showed a brighter future in the business of the partnership, especially with the great performance result of the Reichel/ Pugh in the luxury yachts. The three decades of experience in the project management of Steve Rock at the Reichel/ Pugh Yachts makes the integral construction and creation a really exciting event in the future.

Moreover the famous Reichel/ Pugh yacht designer is also the BMW ORACLE Racing’s main monohull designer.