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Ken Freivokh Design

– Making Luxury Motor and Sailing Yachts a Thing of the Future

Ken Freivokh Design is a team of naval architects and designers who offer a full range of design services for motor and sailing yachts of all shapes and sizes. Some of the design concepts of Ken Freivokh Design are excitingly futuristic. Ken Freivokh Design is most famous for the sailing superyacht, the Maltese Falcon, which won eight prestigious awards in 2007. At the time it was launched, Maltese Falcon was the largest sailing yacht in the world, but she is known as much for her beauty and innovative design as for her size.

A more current design concept from Ken Freivokh Design is a 55’ concept cruising yacht that uses no fuel. Freivokh met with the people at Voller Energy to discuss integrating their green technology into one of his yachts, and they readily agreed to collaborate. The Emerald Fuel Cell System is a reliable, safe and clean source of electric power that eliminates the need for a large generator or engine, which could effectively take over as the total power system for the yacht. Without the bulk of the generator and engines, there would be more room for design, too.

As if designing the Maltese Falcon weren’t enough, Ken Freivokh Design more recently accepted a project to design the interior of the ICAP Leopard. Leopard is a 100’ maxi superyacht that not only won the Rolex Fastnet Race, but went on to set a world record for the fastest monohull to cross the transatlantic.

Ken Freivokh was born in Los Angeles and graduated with a Masters of Design from the School of Industrial Design at the Royal College of Arts, London. He is now a member of the Chartered Society of Designers as well as the Royal Institute of British Architects. Ken Freivokh Design is noted for their futuristic concept designs, particularly when they come to fruition. Freivokh simply calls them unique.

Some yachts for sale designed by Ken Freivokh Designs are the Neptunus Elling E3, a 43’ luxury motoryacht is for sale in France for £213,912, the Westerly 310 Regatta is for sale in Portugal for £46,687, and the Baglietto, a 125’ motoryacht is for sale in France for about £3.5 million. The prices and types of yachts for sale differ quite greatly, but one thing remains the same with each of the, they are all advertised as Ken Freivokh yachts, a statement to the quality of style known to yachters around the world.

There are two very notable Ken Freivokh yachts for sale or charter. The Leopard 3, launched in 2007, is a concept racing sailing yacht that measures at 100 feet. This super maxi is well known around the world as a racing as well as a luxury cruising sailing yacht that comfortably accommodates 12 people. This may not seem possible, but with the innovative Ken Freivokh removable interior design, the yacht becomes lightweight enough to win in any circuit. The Leopard 3 is not for sale, but you can charter this fine craft for UK 70,000 per week.

The Maltese Falcon, on the other hand, is for sale. That’s right, the most famous sailing yacht in the world is on the market as announced in March, 2008. Ken Freivokh Designs did both the interior and the exterior of this award winning craft.

So, how does Ken Freivokh Design do it? How do they design the best sailing and luxury yachts in the world? It seems obviously apparent that this design team is in love with their work, and it shows in every yacht for sale with the Ken Freivokh Design name attached to it.