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Oyster Marine

Oyster Marine is a luxury yacht building company that is based at Fox's Marina in Ipswich, Suffolk, in the United Kingdom. It was founded by the existing Chairman, Richard Matthews, in 1973. All the Oyster designs in their range of luxury motor yachts are semi-custom built and they offer a high level of personal service, especially with their after sales service.

Their fleet includes: the Oyster 46, the Oyster 54, the Oyster 56, the Oyster 62, the Oyster 655, the Oyster 72, the Oyster 82, the Oyster 100, the Oyster 125, and the Oyster LD43. The company is now involved in the production of large sailing superyachts.

In the 34 years since the company was founded, the designs of their superyachts for sale have developed and evolved. By focusing on a semi-custom built fleet they are able to keep refining and adding to a winning formula in the design and build of luxury boats for sale.

Oyster Marine focus on practical issues in the design process and strive to improve the existing design while retaining their core values of strength and seaworthiness in their range of Oyster luxury yachts.

Oyster Marine designed motor yachts are the originators of the deck saloon design concept which they first introduced into the industry over 25 years ago. Although many other luxury yacht builders have emulated this design feature, as the innovators Oyster Marine designs for deck saloons are still ahead of their competitors.

Ten years ago, Oyster Marine was able to expand its highly successful yacht building business to open another office on the other side of the Atlantic. The Oyster Marine range of luxury yachts for sale can now be bought from the US Sales and Service Centre which is located in Newport, Rhode Island in the United States of America.

By having a focused range of motor yachts for sale, Oyster Marine has been able to create an industry leading after sales service. The quality which set the Oyster Marine after sales service apart from that offered by their competitors is the level of knowledge that the after sales team have of the Oyster Marine fleet of superyachts. For example, they have access to the original build files for each yacht which can be invaluable if you are requiring a particular part.

For Oyster Marine, they see their customers as being part of 'the Oyster family' and this loyalty has earned them a lot of repeat work from satisfied customers. One feature of the Oyster Marine design and build service that has been popular with their customers looking for Oyster yachts for sale, has been their project management services.

Each Oyster Marine customer is assigned a project manager who is engaged with the project before the construction begins. The same project manager works with the customer throughout all stages of the build of their luxury yacht. The project manager also acts as a link to the design team through which the customer can communicate their ideas. The project manager will also research any specific customization requirements.

The Oyster Marine approach to yacht building is very much in focusing on the practical details and refining the design and quality of their range of Oyster yachts for sale.

The Oyster sailing yachts sailing experience is of being part of a 'family' of loyal Oyster customers. Oyster Marine put on regular Regatta's on both sides of the Atlantic and this helps build a network among the Oyster yacht owners. As well as the social element of these regattas, owners comment that they have learnt to sail their Oyster superyachts better after the regattas, and this means that they are able to get more out of their sailing experience.