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Mystique a 50 meter Oceanfast Yacht

Oceanfast Yachts

Oceanfast is an Australian superyacht building company who have created a fleet of luxury yachts for sale. They are based in Henderson in Western Australia and are owned by Austal Ltd. Austal Ltd is a world leading designer and manufacturer of aluminium vessels, and Oceanfast are the luxury motor yachts for sale, and design and build, side of that business.

With their focus on producing a world class fleet of luxury boats for sale, Oceanfast are able to concentrate on refining their designs with the additions of the latest technologies available in the industry.

Oceanfast's fleet of luxury yachts that have been launched since 1985 to date is impressive:

M.Y. Aussie Rules - 69.5 metres (228 feet)
Delivered January 2003
Full Displacement Motor Yacht

The Motor Yacht Sagitta - 57 metres (187 feet)
Launched August 2001, Semi-Displacement Motor Yacht

Luxury Sportfisherman Aminah - 30 metres (100feet)
Launched August 2001

The Motor Yacht Thunder - 50 metres (164feet)
Launched 1998

The Motor Yacht Perfect Persuasion - 46 metres (151feet)
Launched April 1997

The Motor Yacht Mercedes II - 37 metres (121 feet)
Launched May 1996

The Motor Yacht Aussie Rules - 26 metres (85 feet)
Launched 1995

The Motor Yacht Oceana C - 53 metres (174 feet)
Launched 1994

The Motor Yacht Moecca - 46 metres (151 feet)
Launched 1993

The Motor Yacht True Blue - 55 metres (180 feet)
Launched 1991

The Motor Yacht Opal C - 40 metres (131 feet)
Launched 1990

The Motor Yacht Mystique - 50 metres (164 feet)
Launched 1989

The Motor Yacht Gazelle - 30 metres (98 feet)
Launched 1989

The Motor Yacht Antipodean - 36 metres (118 feet)
Launched 1988

The Motor Yacht Madi Blue D - 46 metres (151 feet)
Launched 1986

The Motor Yacht Apocalypse - 33 metres (108 feet)
Launched 1985

Sea Bowld - Hull 78, High Performance Aluminium Motor Yacht

Oceanfast offer three different models in their range of motor yachts for sale: the Sycara III Series, the Perfect Prescription Series and the Aussie Rules Series.

As shipbuilders, Oceanfast have won a number of awards for their fleet of luxury superyachts for sale. In both 2001 and 2002 they won the Large Advanced Manufacturer Award Western Australian Industry and Export Awards. In 1998 the Oceanfast motor yacht M.Y. Thunder (50 metres) won the Superyacht Society Awards for "Best Power 43m+" & "Best Interior".

In 1997 the Oceanfast motor yacht M.Y. Perfect Persuasion (46 metres) won the Show Boats Awards "Best Semi Displacement Motor Yacht" and in 1996 the M.Y. Mercedes (37 metres) won the Superyacht Society Awards "Best Power 23m-43m" & "Best Interior".

Between 1995 and 1985, Oceanfast superyachts won the following awards:

M.Y. Aussie Rules (26 metres)
Superyacht Society Awards
"Best Power 23m-43m"

M.Y. Little Sis (53 metres)
Showboats Awards
"Most Innovative Motor Yacht"

M.Y. Opal C (40 metres)
Showboats Awards
"Most Original Interior Design"

M.Y. Mystique (50 metres)
Australian Design Award

M.Y. Apocalypse (33 metres)
Australian Design Award

The Oceanfast company website at has pictures of all the above named sailing yachts sailing, as well as detailed photo galleries of their interiors.

At their shipbuilding yard in Henderson, Western Australia, Oceanfast have facilities suitable for the construction of very large superyachts, with an undercover area of 120 meters. This allows them to produce their range of yachts for sale alongside their other services.

The Oceanfast product line of luxury boats for sale also comes with product support for the lifetime of the yacht, not just for the duration of a specific warranty period. Access to this kind of support, not only during the construction of a luxury motor yacht, but for the entire time that it is owned instils confidence in the customers of Oceanfast superyachts.