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OUTBACK by Austal


Austal are a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial and defense vessels and is the largest builder of fast ferries in the world. The company started twenty years ago, in 1988 and is based in Australia with five shipyards in total worldwide providing ships to a global market. They manufacture luxury yachts and have superyachts for sale alongside their orders for vehicle-carrying fast ferries and other customized aluminum commercial and defense vessels.

Austal’s five shipyards are located in Australia and the United States of America. Three of these shipyards are in Henderson in Western Australia, and the other Australian production site is in Tasmania. Austal’s fifth production facility is in the United States of America, in Alabama.

Austal have an impressive product range in the three areas of Commercial Vessels, Defense Vessels and Leisure and Tourism Vessels. The Commercial Vessels covers Passenger Ferries, Vehicle and Passenger Ferries, Fast Freight, and Offshore Vessels. Their Defense product line includes Combat Ships, High Speed Support Vessels, Patrol Boats and Multi-Role Vessels.

However it is in the luxury yachts market that Austal really excels. Under the category of Leisure and Tourism Products their product lines incorporate Cruise Yachts, Private Vessels, Dinner/Harbor Cruise and Live-Aboards. Among the many boats for sale it is the motor yachts for sale where you can really see the style and luxury of their designs.
The range of private motor yachts offered by Austal is as follows:

Hull 190 is a 37m charter vessel with a capacity for 9 passengers and 4 crew members and a speed of 14 knots.
Outback is a 59 meter private vessel with a capacity of 12 passengers and a speed of 16 knots.
Tango is a 38 meter private vessel with the capacity for 8 passengers and a speed of 16 knots.
Electra is a 38 meter private vessel with a capacity for 8 passengers and 4 crew members, and a speed of 18 knots.
Haruku is a 22 meter private vessel with a capacity of 6 passengers and a speed of 25 knots.
White Rabbit is a 36 meter private vessel with capacity for 12 passengers and a speed of 21 knots.

More detailed information on all of the luxury yachts for sale and that are being built at Austal’s shipyards is available from the Austal company website at The website also has many good images of sailing yachts sailing, and of the superyachts in the various stages of their construction.

The company has a separate website called Austal Marketplace at This is Austal’s dedicated ship brokering service, which has details of all their yachts for sale and how to purchase them. They also act as a brokerage for the sale and chartering of existing ships. The Austal Marketplace also lists the details of superyachts which have not been built by them that they are selling.

Therefore if you are looking for luxury yachts for sale then this is a good place to start, whether it is an Austal boat or non Austal built vessel that you are wishing to purchase.

Austal pride themselves on their competitive prices for their technologically advanced products. They have an in-house design team which means that they can be more flexible and customize their designs to suit their customers.

Since 1991 Austal have won numerous awards in all areas, including Manufacture, Design and Export. In January 2008 Austal won the Boating Education and Training Award at the WA Marine Industry Awards. Throughout the company’s 20 year history the shipbuilders at Austal have increased their product range and continued to produce high quality motor yachts for sale.