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Nordia 30m motor yacht

Nordia yachts

The Van Dam Nordia shipyard, based in Holland, is one of the world’s oldest yacht builders. Since shipbuilding is a trade that often goes from one generation to the next, the Van Dam yard has also been passed on through the family ranks. Until this day the yard is owned and run by the Van Dam family lead by Robert Van Dam, Managing Director and Naval Architect of the yard.

The yard currently has about 30 direct employees that closely work together with our sub-contractors to achieve our single and ultimate goal; Building yachts to the highest quality standards. Our devotion to deliver true custom yachts requires a staff that solely consists of specialists.

By sharing best practices and frequent training they ensure that all our expertise stays within the company. The combination of state of the art design & engineering and the high skill levels of our workforce is our guarantee to customers - Pure yachting excitement.

Nordia Yacht Design

Van Dam Nordia is one of the few remaining shipyards that design, engineer and build yachts to the customers discriminating requirements. Nordia Design is therefore one of the cornerstones of today’s yard. No matter how technically complicated the customer’s demands are, Nordia Design can translate any design into a functional state of the art yacht.

Under the inspiring leadership of Naval Architect Robert Van Dam and Chief designer Robin Ten Hoope a number of the world’s most recognisable yachts like the 95’ Cruiser “Constance”, the 100’ Traditional “Psyrax” and the 2007 launch, the 80’ Traditional “Ophira V” have been brought to life. Yachts not only recognised for their benchmark build-quality, but also for their outstanding design.

One of Nordia Design’s key benefits is that you have the ability to design and build a yacht with the same group of people throughout the entire build-process.

Nordia History

The ship yard - today known as the Van Dam Shipyard - dates as far back as 1600. In those days the yard was known as "Helling" (the Dutch word for Slipway) being still the street name of the yard’s location.

With Holland as home and the world as their client base, the Van Dam Nordia Shipyard has yachting in its DNA. Combining over 125 years of shipbuilding experience with the very latest innovations gives them inspiration and enthusiasm to create first class custom yachts.

The yacht building industry as a whole has changed dramatically over recent times. At Van Dam Nordia, the core values set by our ancestors of quality, safety and value for money have survived all these trends. And today they are more popular than ever among our clients.

As a custom yacht builder, Nordia serves as a translator their client’s ideals. Building a custom yacht involves far more than designing a vessel that looks the way the owner requires. Nordia have to understand his experience, his history and most importantly his personality. There has to be a dialogue between yachtsmen in order to achieve a unique blend of character, engineering and passion. The final result should feel the way the client envisaged.

A testimony to the success of the Nordia approach is that typical Van Dam Nordia owners sail their yacht for an average of 12 years. Most Nordia yachts have also made at least one circumnavigation, clocking up mileages that exceed market averages many times over.

Nordia yachts inspire owners to explore the oceans, giving them the confidence to go anywhere at anytime. A Van Dam Nordia won’t just look good in a magazine or in a marina. It will thrill and entertain you.

Yachts launched include:

100’ Traditional "Psyrax"
95’ Cruiser "Constance"
80’ Traditional "Ophira V"
75’ Cruiser "Pamina"
70’ Performance Cruiser "Marmalade of Manchester"
66’ Cruiser "Quicksilver V"
66’ Cruiser "Namoussa VIII"
55’ Cruiser "Lahaina III"

New yacht designs include:

120’ Performance Cruiser
82’ Staysail Schooner
Nordia 22 Motoryacht
Nordia 26 Motoryacht
Nordia 30 Motoryacht

Nordia motor Yachts:

Embarking on a new journey Nordia are delighted to introduce our brand-new range of semi-custom and customised motor yachts. Their development was a thrilling experience for everyone at the yard, and we are glad to have you onboard as they embark on this exciting journey.

Although Van Dam is no stranger to motor yachts, they have primarily built custom sailing yachts in recent decades. Their renowned sailing yachts have earned their laurels around the world and we are proud of the acclaim they have received.

The recipient of many awards, the Van Dam fleet was crowned in 2004 with the launch of the flagship 100’ Nordia Traditional “Psyrax”. Although the international recognition is flattering, the fact that the yachts constantly exceed owners’ expectations is far more important.

Every vessel that carries the Nordia brand name is based on five pillars” Quality, luxury, performance, worldwide after-sales service and value for money. As they now re-enter the motor yacht market in spectacular fashion, Nordia will stay true to these values while at the same time offering a completely fresh look at what it means to own a power boat.

Utilising their enormous experience and industry-leading engineering edge, we will build you a motor yacht that embodies all that Van Dam Nordia stands for. A yacht that is truly ‘the nicest way to be at sea’!

Nordia Performance Cruisers

Why design a Performance Cruiser when you have never received any complain of a Nordia not being fast enough? Well, simply because there is a group of people that prefer a faster lifestyle than the other.

The challenge for Nordia was to create a fast performance yacht with razor sharp handling characteristics, without compromising our standards for durability, practicality and comfort. The result is a range of stretched and sleek looking yachts that clearly display their performance pedigree but instantly recognisable as a Nordia.

Using the latest techniques in computer design and simulation, the Performance Cruiser is on the cutting edge of design. The brand new Ballisto® Performance keel is optimised for stability and reduced drag while the semi-Skeg balanced rudder guarantees a crisp and sharp steering.

The Nordia Performance Cruisers are the ideal yacht for owners who like to sail long distances in the greatest of comfort but also want a yacht that delivers a thrilling performance on demand.

Challenge yourself with a Nordia Performance Cruiser.