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Yacht Catwalk by KaiserWerft

KaiserWerft GmbH: Luxury Yachts

KaiserWerft GmbH is an all encompassing luxury superyacht designer and builder located in Germany. The company builds and designs luxury motor yachts from 30 meters and up.

From the idea stage to launch, KaiserWerft does it all, cutting out the middleman and ensuring that customers get exactly what they want. This kind of service puts the buyer at ease knowing that the designer that they have decided to trust with their investment will be not only consulting on the entire process, but actually personally involved in it. KaiserWerft yachts are some of the most luxurious yachts that money can buy. KaiserWerft GmbH has a saying, “Everything extraordinary comes as standard.” KaiserWerft GmbH: Luxury Yachts Where Extraordinary Comes Standard.

KaiserWerft GmbH builds 31 meter yachts and 40.5 meter superyachts. The most recent of the 31 meter luxury yachts to be launched is the Perfect Harmony, delivered in January of 2005. Perfect Harmony is a stunning, contemporary yacht design that features warm, earthy colors and rich woods accentuating the interior, together with the latest hi-tech equipment. The exterior is sleek and modern with a nice sized sun deck and a partially covered, sunken outdoor dining table.

The Catwalk is one of the most innovative 40.5 meter superyachts of KaiserWerft design and construction. Interior design of teak and marble makes this yacht sophisticated and classy, along with all of the luxuries one would expect of a yacht this size and more. One design aspect of the Catwalk is the illuminated stairway out to a gangway overlook. The innovation comes in the form of Airex, which is added into a sandwich design of the hull, deck and superstructure of the yacht which makes the yacht lightweight and acts as a sound and vibration barrier. The inclusion of Airex makes this a great performing and comfortable experience for the owner and guests of the Catwalk.

KaiserWerft GmbH was established in 2002, so they are somewhat of a newcomer to the industry. Quite an undertaking to offer an all-inclusive service such as that of KaiserWerft. It is located in Saal on the Danube. With the first yacht that KaiserWerft launched, the company itself launched into the industry as a leader in luxury.

KaiserWerft boasts of impeccable craftsmanship and unprecedented luxury and comfort, using only the choicest materials and equipment in their yachts. KaiserWerft employs over 160 talented designers and technicians, each of whom have proven themselves in the industry as capable of designing and building the ultimate luxury yacht.

KaiserWerft GmbH designs are luxurious and you do get what you pay for in a yacht for sale. For about $7.5 million USD you could be the proud owner of a KaiserWerft 102 Widebody luxury superyacht. This beauty is being offered in Cannes in the French Riviera. This yacht comes with a master stateroom, a vip stateroom, two guest cabins, and two crew cabins, with four berths. It is fully equipped with all of the latest electronic entertainment and hi-tech navigation equipment. If you’re going to get a yacht, you may as well get a great one, and a KaiserWerft won’t disappoint.

The Seabreeze is the third of the 2005 KaiserWerft series, and this yacht for sale is $8.5 million USD in Palm Beach, Florida. Seabreeze is in the 31 meter series and offers an Owner's suite, a VIP cabin, two twin guest cabins, and two crew cabins. The interior is a classic look with a combination of rich woods and marbles throughout.

KaiserWerft GmbH can be visited at their headquarters at Hafenstrasse 34, D-93342 Saal/Donau, Germany, or you can visit their website to view their latest designs, current projects, and superyacht concepts. Contact information such as telephone number and an e-mail link can also be found on the KaiserWerft GmbH site.