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Rodriguez Yachts

Rodriguez Yachts is a leading luxury yacht builder and superyacht company based in Europe. Rodriguez Group is also called the "Aston Martin of Yachts" and it combines the incomparable Italian style of building motor yachts, luxury yachts and super yachts and the technological innovation to offer its clients with a customizable seafaring adventure. With the company's advanced military technology and classic Italian style, there is no doubt that a Rodriguez yacht, whether it is a motor, a super or a luxury yacht, is the perfect blend of the old and new world.

Rodriguez Cantieri Navali is Rodriguez Yachts' parent company. It started as a small repair yard for ships when it was established in 1887. Starting with four shipyards in its home country and one located in Brazil, Rodriguez Cantieri Navali managed to build more than 550 boats and vessels in the last 4 decades. Included in the vessels and boats produced by the company were military vessels with high specification, luxury yachts and fast ferries. Military crafts used in many countries around the world were also built by RCN. The company's investment on research on how to create the safest, the fastest and the most technologically advanced vessels and yachts used for military defense was made possible through the government funding.

The years of experience of Rodriguez was used as the primary foundation of the company to enter and compete in the world of luxury cruising. Rodriguez manages to incorporate their knowledge and experience in the building and design process to produce high quality luxury yachts.

The integration as well as the assimilation of the production facilities, engineering, and research and development centers of Rodriguez Yachts poses that the latest and the best technology is made available for the production of every model of the company's luxury yachts for sale. Compared to other brands of luxury yachts for sale in the market, the high-end amenities and facilities of Rodriguez Yachts are standard features and may be availed by sea lovers at no extra cost at all.

The very first pleasure craft built by Rodriguez Yachts belongs to the Rodriguez Cantieri Navali historic yard. This is called the "Light Blue". The Yacht Division of Rodriguez Yachts came into being not so long ago. Its designs and built make up a pleasurable luxurious craft more than 30 meters in length which draws and projects the shipyards' long experience. As for the design of this luxury yacht, it boasts of the marvelous work of the renowned architect, Francesco Paszkowski who strictly adhered to the requirements for spacious interior volume.

The luxury yachts of Rodriguez range from 50 feet up to 220 feet in length. The models of luxury yachts Rodriguez Yachts has made available for the American sea lovers are the 500 and 600 Sport, 600 and 800 Widebody and the 800 Sport which are all customizable to meet the requirements of every yachtsman as well as to suit their needs. Rodriguez Yachts employ high-tech solutions on all the luxury yachts they build. Included in these high-tech solutions are touch-screen controls, retractable top, on-board monitoring, user-friendly instrumentation, stabilization and control equipment, a specially and exclusively designed hall as well as an engine room camera.

The design team and the naval architect employed by Rodriguez Yachts make sure that they provide those who would like to buy luxury yachts for sale with different color options that range from a very clean classic white to very elegant streamlined silver. With the design, style, luxury, elegance and quality Rodriguez Yachts luxury yachts offer, there is doubt that Rodriguez Yachts is a point of reference for the shipbuilding practiced around the world.