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Wally Yachts

Wally Yachts has its headquarters in Fontvielle, Monaco and was created in 1994 by the Italian businessman Luca Bassani.

Wally has created number of original minimalist luxury sailing yachts and motor yachts with emphasis on extremely sleek styling, performance and ‘clean’ aesthetics.  With help from famous design teams like German Frers design and Bruce Farr, Wally sailing yachts are strong race performers and they are idea for charterers who enjoy sailing and clean deck spaces for relaxing when moored.

Notable luxury superyachts by Wally include:

Wally 80

The Wally 80 combines the hull lines of Farr Yacht Design, with the styling and interiors of Wally and Lazzarini Pickering Architects. The concept is to have a performance cruising yacht with large interior volumes. The yacht comes in several different versions. Given the same hull, the Wally 80 can be personalised in the appendages, deck and interiors, offering up to 16 combinations.

Custom Sailing Yachts

Wally 107 Kenora, 107 Wally B, 107 Kauris III, 105 Nariida, 100 Dark Shadow, 100 Y3K, 100 Gibian, Wally 100 Alexia, 95 Yam, 94 Angel’s share, 94 Barong C, 94 Magic Carpet Squared, 94 Open Season, 88 Tiketitoo, 88 Tiketitan, 77 K2Wind, 77 Barong, 83 Mr Gecko, 77 Tuamata, 79 Ippogrifo II, 77 J One, 77 Genie of the lamp, Wally 60 Wallyño, and 67 Itaca.

The Wally 148 S/Y Saudade was launched to much fanfair Fano, Italy – The Wally 148, that is the largest Wally built so far, has been successfully launched in the port of Fano, during a private ceremony organised by the WallyEurope building team and the yacht crew.

The 45-meter (148-foot) sloop will be towed to Ancona on April 12, to have the keel installed, scheduled for mid April, and proceed with the stepping of the mast at the end of the month.

Wally Power

Wally has also more recently designed motor yachts and tenders, the Wally Power 118 being the first noteworthy example as well as the Wally 90, 70, 64, 47 and tender.

The 55m WallyPower developed by WallyDesign department, is a mega yacht characterised by the displacement hull that derives from the navy hydrodynamic technology.