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Alstom (Aker Yards)

Alstom (Aker Yards) was formed when Alstom and Aker Yards came together in 2006. Their aim was to become one of the leading shipbuilders in the world and they have achieved this. Their product range is divided into three main areas: Cruise & Ferries, Merchant Vessels and Offshore & Specialized Vessels. As a Group, Alstom (Aker Yards) benefit from a broader product range and number of boats for sale than Aker Yards and Alstom Marine were able to offer as independent shipbuilders.

Alstom (Aker Yards) have a number of boats for sale which are made in the Group’s eighteen shipyards in eight countries worldwide. Alstom (Aker Yards) is arguably most famous for building the ‘Normandie’ and ‘Queen Mary 2’ two of the largest ships in the world. They have also built cruise liners such as: the MSC Opera, Carnival Miracle, Adventure of the Seas, Costa Mediterranea, Crystal Serenity, and Coral Princess. The range of ferries produced by Alstom (Aker Yards) includes: Color Fantasy, SeaFrance Berlioz, Napoleon Bonaparte, Cinderella, Victoria 1, and Ulysses.

The term ‘luxury yachts’ refers to large privately owned yachts that are sometimes also called ‘superyachts’ or ‘motor yachts’. These superyachts are a common sight on the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. Alstom (Aker Yards) built a large motor yacht, or superyacht, called Kogo in 2006 however since then they have not built anymore superyachts. It has been suggested that Alstom (Aker Yards) lost a lot of money on the building of Kogo and that they are undecided as to if they will bid on yachting work again. Therefore they currently have no luxury yachts for sale.

It can be common for companies with no superyachts for sale to charter their vessels and Alstom (Aker Yards) are no exception. Kogo can be chartered and its current owner is Mansour Ojjeh, whose family also owned the famous liner the SS France for a few years.

Many dream of owning luxury yachts but for many sailing yachts sailing boats or superyachts which they charter is the closest they come to realizing that dream. Although Alstom (Aker Yards) currently have no motor yachts for sale they are an excellent example of a top shipbuilders whose area of expertise are on larger vessels rather than on building yachts for sale.

Chartering yachts is expensive, not only do you have the charter costs themselves, but you also have to allow for expenses for food, fuel and berthage as well as giving a gratuity for good crew service. Many owners of yachts charter them part time to help with the costs of owning a superyacht. For a yacht to be classed as a superyacht it has to be 23 meters long (82 feet), but as of 2006 a new classification of ‘Mega Yacht’ or ‘Giga Yacht’, as it is sometimes called, is the name given to yachts over 100 metres (328 feet). The numbers of these ‘Mega Yachts’ are currently very small.

There are many internet sites that can help you if you are looking for yachts for sale. You can also do searches on the shipbuilding yards themselves to see what superyachts they have for sale. The Kogo motor yacht, built by Alstom (Aker Yards) in 2006, was received well by yachting enthusiasts and they hope that Alstom (Aker Yards) will decide to build more luxury yachts. Certainly, the standards set by Kogo and their cruise liners would indicate that they would be of a high quality. However as yet Alstom (Aker Yards) have given no hints that there will be any more luxury yachts for sale that they have built in the near future.