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Inace Yachts is a mid-size shipyard located in Brazil which now build superyachts and luxury expedition yachts. Inace was the first aluminum shipbuilder in the region in the 1960’s and continues to be a leader in the industry. Inace builds and refits luxury yachts, naval ships, expedition yachts, working and fishing vessels, offshore vessels, and tugs. Initially when Inace began, they specialized in military vessels but have made great strides in the building and refitting of luxury yachts.

Currently Inace Yachts has a great many projects under construction, including a naval patrol boat for the Brazilian Navy and six luxury yachts ranging from 43 to 93 feet in length. Inace has invested in the latest CAD and other computer programs to ensure the highest technology is used when constructing modern, hi-tech luxury yachts.

In 1987 Inace was commissioned to build and export the first of six yachts to the United States and has since made its mark in the American, Canadian and European markets with 15 more yachts commissioned for owners in North America and Europe. One of these commissions was the Joanna II, a luxury motoryacht built for Emerson Fittipaldii, the world champion Formula racecar driver. This was likely the commission that opened the eyes of the west to Inace Yachts.

Inace Yachts seem to also be a leading choice for charter yachts around the world. You can cruise the Mediterranean to Greece and Croatia on the Sudami, a 111’ luxury yacht for $80,000 USD per week. The Sudami is Inace’s most recent yacht to launch, delivered in 2007 and has accommodations for five guests plus six crew members. In the United States, you can find the Carib Queen in New England ready to cruise the Caribbean. This 100’ custom superyacht offers luxury cruising at $42,000 to $47,000 USD per week. The Carib Queen offers five guest staterooms, each with their own bath and four with a private spa pool. The Carib Queen was built by Inace Yachts in 1999 and docks in Newport, Martha’s Vineyard, Tortola, and Simpson Bay Marina.

Some other recent yachts to be launched are the Veronica, a 95’ explorer yacht purchased by an American and delivered in 2006, The Victoria, 107’ explorer yacht made for a Brazilian owner and delivered in 2007, and the Buccaneers 65 and 68 respectively, both 65’ trawler yachts launched in 2005.

There are also some Inace yachts for sale around the world to include several explorer and expedition yachts such as the Zembra III, the Fortaleza, the Beleza, and the Amarella. A 1991 Inace built 80’ motor luxury yacht for sale in the United States for under $650,000 USD. Explorer yachts new and used are being found for sale everywhere and in all price ranges.

Inace Yachts has been in business for more than 35 years and this mid-sized shipyard has grown in reputation to be one of the finest yacht builders in the world. In Brazil for the past 15 years, Inace has produced more tonnage than any other shipyard, even those larger than themselves. Over the years, Inace Yachts has built, repaired and refitted or converted over 1,000 ships and yachts. These are impressive numbers for a relatively small shipyard that has only been in business since the 1960’s.

Inace Yachts can be found online with an impressive website that offers language conversion for those who are not Brazilian. You can check out recent projects that have been completed as well as projects in the works and still on the drawing board. For a quality constructed yacht by skilled craftsmen, ask your naval architect about Inace Yachts to construct your custom yacht. If you would rather purchase a used yacht or sale, look for the name Inace Yachts in the specs to be sure that the yacht was built as strong as a navy ship.