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Maiora Yachts

The well-known Maiora Yachts are built by the Italian company, Fipa Italiana Yachts. The man behind the company, Francesco Guidetti, founded Fipa Italiana Yachts in the early 1980s when it began as a producer of fiberglass hulls that were delivered to other yacht builders.

The company’s current product line includes several models. Among the most commonly purchased motor yachts and superyachts are models from the Maiora 70’ to the Maiora 142’. Each model is recognized for its own appeal.

The Maiora 70’, the 72’, and the 76’

Among all the other motor yachts for sale across the globe, the Maiora 70’, the 72’ and the 76’ are considered as being among the most preferred motor yachts in terms of value for money. At reasonable prices, luxury yachts by the world-renowned brand can now be bought with the same quality and craftsmanship as any other Maiora yachts for sale.

The Maiora 80’ and the 86’

The Maiora 80’ and the 86’ are considered by many to be among the most appealing motor yachts for sale anywhere in the world. This is because these two models combine luxurious designs with the right amount of space that can even include foredeck garages. Although already large, the Maiora 80’ and the 86’ are known to be fairly easy to maneuver.

The Maiora 90’, the 96’, the 102’, and the 110’

Compared to other luxury yachts for sale, the Maiora 90’, the Maiora 96’, the Maiora 102’, and the 110’ are distinctive because they have beams that allow for unmatched and state-of-the-art interior designs as well as spacious living facilities that are perfect for long yachting vacations.

The Maiora 115’, the 122’, the 125’, and the 142’

The Maiora 115’, the 122’, the 125’, and the 142’ are the company’s product line of superyachts. Among all the superyachts for sale today, these models are regarded as unmatched in terms of space, interior and exterior design, layouts, facilities, amenities, and performance. These have fully featured upper and lower decks that are specifically designed to allow its owners the feeling of actually living in world class superyachts during long vacations at sea.

The Maiora 150’ is no longer part of the company’s current line up of superyachts for sale. However, these can still be custom-built for interested buyers.

Starting out as a producer of fiberglass hulls in the 1980s, it didn’t take long for the company to venture into boats and soon, the company released its first models, which included everything from the Maiora 50’ to the Maiora 70’.

Several years later, the company expanded its shipyard. This expansion allowed for the production of larger motor yachts up to the size of the Maiora 105’. The motor yachts builder has continued to expand its production facilities since then. The development of its facilities in Massa allowed the company to accommodate the production from the Maiora 96’ motor yachts to the Maiora 150’ superyachts.

Today, the company is considered as one of the best and largest brands of luxury motor yachts. This is true because it has a reputation for world-class designs, careful production, and continuous innovation. Furthermore, it is commonly known that Maiora has never created identical yachts. Although there are specific models, each one from the Maiora 70’ to the Maiora 150’ has been customized to meet the needs and preferences of their specific buyers.

Already, the company has reached the production scale of more than 30 motor yachts and superyachts per year. After only 25 years in the industry, the Fipa Italiana Yachts company has established itself as a prime maker of luxury yachts whose Maiora brand is recognized the world over.