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Yaretti Yachts

Yaretti Motor Yachts is an Italian company known as the designer and builder of semi-custom built luxury yachts for sale. The Yaretti company was founded and first began its operations in Vienna, Italy. However, its operations have since grown over the past few decades and now run across the globe.

Although many different motor yachts have left the shipyard of Yaretti since it began, there are currently only three models available. These models include the Yaretti 2210, the Yaretti 2380 Superior, and the Yaretti 2520 Superior.

The operations of the Yaretti Motor Yachts company began several decades ago and have been successful as a luxury yachts company since then. However, among the most important turning points for the company occurred in 1987 when Walter Siegl decided to entrust to John Lu not only the task of designing the new series of Yaretti motor yachts but constructing the units as well. John Lu, a Taiwanese businessman, is the man behind the Horizon shipyard where the Yaretti motor yachts for sale are still being constructed today. At present, Horizon is known as one of the largest operational shipyards all over the world.

Entrusting the company’s ship building capabilities to John Lu was a defining factor in the continuous success of Yaretti. Taiwan has long been known as a prime area for motor yachts designing, building, and engineering because the Taiwanese, especially through the Yaretti motor yachts, have proven to be successful in combining the technical know-how with perfect implementation of Western standards.

Many aspects of the company changed soon after the turnover. The changes were made not only in the design, structure, and engineering of each motor yacht but in the efficiency and capacity of production as well. By 1994, the company had already sold over 60 motor yachts. Furthermore, the size of the luxury yachts for sale were getting bigger. At that time, motor yachts as big as 15 to 20 feet were already considered as very impressive and Yaretti was among the first few to release models of such scale. The size of the models continued to grow throughout the years and, today, the smallest motor yachts for sale by Yaretti is 22 meters long.

Walter Siegl’s son, Rene Siegl, took over as the owner of the company and kept in partnership with John Lu. However, in 2003, Croatia’s civil war interrupted the business operations of the Yaretti Motor Yachts company. This led to the decision of Rene Siegl to form the YHG Yachtandels GmbH in Austria. Taking with him the traditions, knowledge, and experience that he garnered from Yaretti, Rene Siegl continued on with YHG Yachtandels GmbH creating luxury yachts for sale as well.

Today, Yaretti Motor Yachts still operates out of its headquarters in the YHG Yachtandels GmbH offices in Vienna, Austria. However, its network of agents and offices cater to the international demand for Yaretti luxury yachts for sale. Yareti Motor Yachts has a service office located in Split, Croatia through Offshore Boote d.o.o. In addition to this, it has general agent offices in 6 different countries that cater to at least 12 key motor yacht markets. These include (1) the Dynamic Boats office in Athens, Greece that also caters to Cyprus; (2) the Master Yachting Hungary office in Budapest, Hungary; (3) the Admiral Yacht s.r.o. office in Bratislava, Slovak Republic that also caters to Poland and the Czech Republic; (4) the Bremare Boats GbR office in Augsburg, Germany that also caters to Switzerland; the Villa Darracq office in Suresnes, France; and (5) the Marine-Trade office in Moscow, Russia that also caters to Ukraine, the Baltic States, and Kazakhstan.