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Sarnico Yachts

Sarnico is an internationally recognized brand of boats and motor yachts that hail from the shipyards of Cantieri di Sarnico in Italy. In less than two decades in the industry, Sarnico has established itself as a maker of luxurious motor yachts that are carefully crafted by its skilled workers. Furthermore, it has been known as a company that has set high standards for its production which is mainly the reason why it is considered to be among the most popular brands of motor yachts for sale today.

The Sarnico models, although distinct in design from one another, are similar and have elements that make each unmistakably Sarnico. According to the company, all Sarnico boats for sale are carefully designed not only to provide quality, comfort and performance but also to portray the image of Cantieri di Sarnico as a motor yacht company.

The venture of Cantieri di Sarnico into the business of making boats for sale began in 1992 when the company started working on its first model, the Sarnico Maxim 55. However, it was not until 1994 that Sarnico introduced the Sarnico 55 to the public. Although the completion of the model took the company two years of redesigning and restructuring, the company says that it was well worth the wait as Sarnico quickly became recognized by enthusiasts of motor yachts around the world.

One year after the launch of the Sarnico 55 to the market, Cantieri di Sarnico introduced the Sarnico 45. Although the 45 is among the company’s first models, it continues to be one of the most ordered among all the current Sarnico boats for sale today. A few years later, Cantieri di Sarnico released the Sarnico 40 model which then led to the 43.

Cantieri di Sarnico reached the peak of its success soon after brothers Antonio and Luigi Foresti took over the operations of the Sarnico shipyard. The two were known to be among the most passionate Italian sea goers. Luigi Foresti was also recognized as a champion of sports competitions at sea. The two brothers’ love for motor yachts translated into their success in the industry. As soon as they took over the shipyard, the Foresti brothers expanded its operations and began tapping international markets and soon, Sarnico boats for sale were available across the globe.

During the early 2000s, the Sarnico 65 and the 58 were introduced to the market and were quickly established as Sarnico’s biggest boats for sale. Two years after the launch of the two models, the company’s production was expanded through the acquisition of a 10,000-square meter roofed shipyard located in Brescia. Soon after this production expansion, Cantieri di Sarnico reached the sale of its 220th boat.

Today, through the continuous innovation of Cantieri di Sarnico, the company prides itself in combining the latest technologies with the traditional process of boat-making. Among its technological developments are the usage of a computer system that molds the boats precisely. Furthermore, the company has constant efforts to reduce the noise of each boat both from the inside and from the outside. This effort led to the production of the Sarnico 43, the first Cantieri di Sarnico model to be granted permission to cruise through the Zurich Lake areas. The company considers this as a milestone as few boats have been allowed to reach the sound regulated areas.

With sixteen years of experience in the industry of ship building, Cantieri di Sarnico continues to receive orders from many different parts of the world for their different models. There are many Sarnico motor yachts for sale around the world today. Among the most popular are the Sarnicos 45, 50, 58, and 65.