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Fitzroy Yachts New Zealand

Fitzroy Yachts are based in New Plymouth, in New Zealand. They were founded in 1997 and are a division of Fitzroy Engineering. Fitzroy Engineering has over 40 years experience in bespoke design and build solutions, and this expertise has been passed onto Fitzroy Yachts.  Along with Alloy Yachts, also from New Zealand, they spearhead an enviable Kiwi luxury sailing yacht dominance.

There are six models of superyachts in their portfolio of motor yachts for sale with four more current projects in the yard for release over the next couple of years. Fitzroy's portfolio of boats for sale boasts the following six luxury yachts:

Salperton is a 45 meter (144 feet) fast cruising sloop that was released in 2007. It has 3 guest cabins, 3 crew cabins and 1 owner?s cabin. In April 2008 the Salperton won the Best Sailing Yacht in the 30 - 44 meter class at the World Super Yacht Awards.

Zulu, now called Ganesha, is a 39 meter (128 feet) cruising sloop. It was launched in 2006 and has 4 guest cabins to sleep 10 guests and 3 crew cabins.

Helios, now called Ludynosa, is a 37.5 meter (123 feet) cruising sloop. It was launched in 2004 and can sleep 8 guests in 4 cabins.

Onra, now called Neptune, is a 25.5 meter (83.66 feet) pilot house cruiser with a 3 cabin layout aft, each with private ensuite bathrooms.

Midnight is a 37 meter (121.39 feet) cruising sloop that was launched by Fitzroy Yachts in 2003. It can accommodate 10 guests in 4 cabins together with 3 crew cabins.

Spirit of Fitzroy is a 25 meter (82.02 foot) pilot house cruiser that was launched by Fitzroy Yachts in 2000.

For further portfolio information and pictures of the Fitzroy sailing yachts sailing, together with images of the interiors and exteriors then visit the Fitzroy Yachts website at

Fitzroy Yachts currently have four luxury yachts projects under way at their yard, all due for launch in the next couple of years. Details about Fitzroy's yachts for sale that are currently commissioned are as follows:

The new Salperton IV, a 45 meter (144 feet) fast cruising sloop, is due to be released in 2009. There is an owners cabin, 3 guest cabins, and 3 crew cabins. The Inmocean is a 41 meter (134.51 feet) Dubois Classic sloop. This motor yacht accommodates an owners cabin, 2 guest cabins, and 3 crew cabins.

Other superyachts for sale include the Northwind and X50 which is due to be launched in 2010. The X50 is a 49.7 meter (163.05 feet) fast cruising sloop. The accommodation comprises an Owners Cabin, 3 Guest Cabins, 3 Crew Cabins, the Captains Cabin, a Lower Saloon with Studio, and a Pilot House.

With Fitzroy Yachts it is all about quality. The luxury superyachts that they build are of an excellent standard, both inside and out. Another service that Fitzroy Yachts offers in addition to its design and build service is to complete design and build jobs started elsewhere. The Northwind, for example, had a fiberglass hull that was built by the owner before being shipped to Fitzroy Yachts for completion. Fitzroy Yachts have been commissioned to finish this luxury motor yacht.

For a relatively young company, they have been established for eleven years, Fitzroy Yachts have done remarkably well to become as well known and with as many accolades as they have already achieved. The win of the Salperton in the Best Sailing Yacht in the 30 - 44 meter class at the World Super Yacht Awards will be a major boost for their luxury yachts for sale market. It will also create a lot of anticipation for the new Salperton IV which Fitzroy Yachts are due to launch in 2009.