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The luxurious and elegant Amer motor yachts are built by the renowned Italian boat maker company – PERMARE. PERMARE was founded by Fernando Amerio who has been primarily involved in the boating business since the early part of the 60s. Amerio's passion for the sea as well as his ongoing research in different innovative technologies led to the design, development, building and construction of his own line of motor yachts, luxury yachts and super yachts which later on have dominated the boat market under the brand name Amer.

From 1980 to 1990, PERMARE built 52 yachts with lengths varying from 16 meters to 25 meters. Subsequently, the series of the Amer line with lengths of 20, 22 and 24 arose. From the start, the Amer luxury and motor yachts for sale by PERMARE have always been evidence that the group PERMARE focuses its attention on important yachts characterized by significantly stylish elegance as well as indisputable quality, committed to satisfy demanding owners who know how to appreciate exclusive motor and luxury yachts well.

This solid foundation gave birth to Amer 86 with an external lay-out carefully studied by the Profilo Design. Its interiors were designed by the famous boatyard, Andrea Bacigalupo who has recognized a total new mould on all aspects from the bottom and deck to the superstructures with the use of vinyl-ester resins that are subjected to a special anti-osmosis treatment that guarantees a finished product with very high quality and unlimited durability. Amer 86 boasts of its vast open spaces in cockpit, on its flying bridge, and sun deck astern that allow the sea lovers to be in one with the nature both at the anchor and under way. Amer 86 can accommodate up to 8-10 guests in 2 twin and 2 double cabins. An additional Pullman is present in each twin cabin while and additional Pullman exists in every twin bedded stateroom for the ninth guest. Amer 86 is commercially registered and is MCA compliant.

Following the Amer 86 is the motor yacht Amer 92. Amer 92 is a natural evolution of the design of Amer 86, carrying and developing the features that contributed to the success of Amer 86. The boat performance of Amer 92, its sea worthiness as well as its handling qualities are a significant part of the Amer 92's body. It is also notable that this motor yacht is fully equipped, inheriting the flexibility of the shipyard in making luxury yachts, motor yachts and super yachts that are custom-based and are highly personalized. Indeed, PERMARE pays attention to every detail from the biggest down to the smallest.

The style of Amer 92 is harmoniously designed in style of its sister yacht. This creates the feeling of stylish continuity but it doesn’t mean the improved features are prevented particularly by harmonizing and prolonging its surfaces. The outline of this motor yacht has benefited much from its length that has been increased to result into a more streamlined and attractive design. Moreover, the larger size of this motor yacht for sale and made available in the boat market favored the standard layout of the boat.

The areas from the stern to the bow of this motor yacht have been greatly improved. Aside from these improvements, changes can also be seen on the crew cabin, the twin berth guest cabins and of course the VIP. The spaces in the accommodation area of Amer 92 have been extended, revised and optimized. Boat lovers would definitely want to get a hold of this another release of PERMARE.

Functionality, quality, durability and great style are what the Amer series is all about. Check for other super yacht, motor yacht and luxury yacht exclusively built by PERMARE.