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Heesen Yachts

Heesen Yachts is a luxury yacht company based in the Netherlands. Since its launch in 1978, Hessen have developed a name as one of the most respected shipyards in the world as a builder of luxury yachts. ‘Quality’ is the best word to describe Heesen because no concessions are made in the quest to achieve a perfect superyacht. Heesen yachts have worked with over 100 clients and have launched luxury yachts from 30-50 meters in length. The company now has an impressive range of 38-51m new builds, ready for construction.

The Heesen team of professionals pride themselves on their ability to innovate and adapt with the times. Accordingly they provide superior craftsmanship and a true quality product. Heesen takes the ‘dream’ seriously and uses in house expertise to create an innovative finished product which is tailored to each individual yacht owner’s needs. This means that no two yachts from Hessen are the same.

Heesen Yachts are built using the latest in modern technology and technical advances; using state of the art equipment and every conceivable luxury and comfort and the company continues to win superyacht awards, almost annually, for their innovative and successful designs. Heesen continues to grow as its reputation for reliability and modern innovation is proven again and again.

Some notable Heesen yachts include:

Sirocco 25 knots 47 m
Man of Steel 31 knots 36,8 m
Seven Sins 13 knots 41,3 m
Seascape 31 knots 36,8 m
Yalla 16 knots 46,7 m
Lady Ingeborg 27 knots 36,3 m
Bilmar 28 knots 43,9 m
YN 11943 26 knots 44,4 m
Sweet Doll 26 knots 46 m
A Khaliq 23 knots 40,18 m
Duke Town 21 knots 36,5 m
Alumercia 13 knots 37,7 m
Lady Halima 12 knots 39,4 m
Ammoun of London 24 knots 30,66 m
Red Sapphire 35 knots 39,1 m
No Escape 27 knots 45,86 m
New Century 25 knots 43,65 m
Obsessions 34 knots 38,34 m
Honey Money 25 knots 43,54 m
Bonita 53 knots 36,8 m
Lady Christine 21 knots 37,94 m
Ladyship 25 knots 41,5 m
Ron V 39 knots 30,91 m
Speculation 50 knots 17,1 m
Achiever 17 knots 50,08 m
El Dato 19 knots 37 m
El Lobo 23 knots 33,78 m
L’Aquasition 27 knots 43 m
Octopussy 53 knots 39,4 m