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Intermarine is a naval shipyard specializing in designing and constructing motor luxury yachts, megayachts and superyachts using Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) composite. Intermarine started in 1970 and now has two adjacent shipyards, Sarzana and La Spezia. Sarzana contains the headquarters and the research and development divisions of Intermarine, and is also the main shipyard. La Spezia is the finishing division that outfits the vessels for completion. Rodriguez Cantieri Navali acquired Intermarine SpA in 2002. Rodriguez Cantieri Navali is a company that specializes in the design and construction of highly technical craft of aluminium and steel. These craft include military craft, fast ferry, superyachts, and megayachts.

Intermarine promises to have the capability to build any kind of custom yacht to meet the customer’s specifications. Current Intermarine projects include a 72 meter exploration yacht, a 118 Wallypowers yacht, and three 40 meter Collezione 40 Signature series yachts.

The 118 Wallypower yacht is a 35.6 meter, gas turbine displacement superyacht that reaches a maximum speed of 65 knots. This design is ultra-contemporary and reminds the viewer of a bullet shooting across the sea. The hull and superstructure of this yacht are constructed of special materials developed especially for this craft including a hybrid material of weaved carbon and glass fibers.

The three 40 meter Collezione 40 Signature series yachts were commissioned by YachtsPlus Limited and designed by Lord Norman Foster. These are 41 meter 1,100 ton displacement superyachts that are capable of cruising at 18 knots. These yachts will become part of a fleet of ten for fractional ownership managed in Italy by their owners, YachtsPlus. Fractional ownership is similar to a time share vacation property, where one yacht has up t eight owners who schedule their sailing time around the other owners. This is an affordable way to become a yacht owner for those without the time or money to own and maintain a superyacht of their own.

The exploration yacht is still on the engineer’s drawing board it seems, but the drawing can be seen at Intermarine’s website. It will measure 72 meters and cruise at 15 knots or can economy cruise at 10 knots.

One of Intermarine’s specialties is the construction of composite yachts. A composite yacht is a yacht in which the superstructure steel is replaced with a lightweight composite material. The composite reduces the weight of the vessel by as much as 40% resulting in faster and better performing yachts. The composite materials can surround coppers or consist of layers of carbon fiber material where safety is a concern. These composite materials have been an interest and used to construct naval ships as well, likely significantly due to their radar absorbing properties.

The Rodriguez Quarterly is an industry magazine published by the parent company of Intermarine SpA. Rodriguez Quarterly is published four time per year and highlights the technical aspects and new innovations in the building of superyachts as well as all aspects of the shipbuilding industry. This magazine is sent out to 3,000 readers each quarter and is available in English and Italian. Copies of Rodriguez Quarterly can be ordered or downloaded from the Intermarine SpA website. Rodriguez Quarterly has been published since October of 2003 and all but the first issue are available for free PDF download.

When designers need a high tech yacht built, they look to Intermarine SpA to build it. Small yachts to extra large megeyachts are no problem for this builder of naval ships. Intermarine is still building ships for the navy including very hi-tech minesweeper ships and fast patrol boats for navies and coast guards. Owners looking to upgrade their yachts to modern, technologically advanced superyachts seek out yachts for sale that were built by Intermarine SpA.