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Cantieri di Pisa - Akhir

Cantieri di Pisa motor Yachts

Cantieri di Pisa is a luxury motor yacht builder based in Italy. Cantieri di Pisa builds performance superyacht with a unique modern ‘clean’ and simple styling.  Cantieri di Pisa has presented its new Akhir models, which continue to be the pride of the boatyard 30 years after they were first launched.

The launch of five new yacht models on the market is an indication of how the Camuzzi Group, who acquired Cantieri di Pisa in 2005, intends to promote the historical tradition of this boatyard and to make it its lifeblood: quality, comfort, elegance and sophisticated design. The acquisition therefore has not only financial implications but also a strong industrial slant, with important consequences from an economic, as well as organisational, point of view. The boatyard’s production strength has been further boosted by the recent acquisition of two Tunisian boatyards specialising in the production of composite material parts, elements specific to Akhir boats.

The new Akhir yachts were designed by Carlo Galeazzi, who picked up the baton from Pierluigi Spadolini, the designer who pioneered a series of success stories at the beginning of the ’70s.

Today’s output maintains the standards of excellent seaworthiness and comfort. The use of traditional composite material that has characterised the hull and superstructure from the outset is further enhanced by innovative materials.
From a design point of view, the new models are clearly Akhir with a strong “family feel” that will ensure that they are instantly recognisable, combining traditional values with innovative solutions.

Cantieri di Pisa are know for their AKHIR 86, 108, 118, 135, and 153 range of luxury motor yachts.

When Cantieri di Pisa began building its various motoryacht series more than 30 years ago, it introduced an austere exterior styling that stood in marked contrast to the traditional designs being offered by other shipyards. Whether those who bought the Italian yard’s yachts were nonconformists or just craved something a little different, the styling met with success.

It would have been easy for Cantieri di Pisa to adapt its styling in the ensuing decades, after all, that’s what most yacht builders do. But the yard’s managers and in-house naval architects believe there’s a lot to be said for having a consistent, signature look: low-profile, streamlined, even architectural, particularly in comparison to the prevailing rounded shapes of today.