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Moonen Yachts

Moonen Yachts

Moonen shipyards are based in the Netherlands and are the makers of the Moonen range of luxury yachts. Using their experience they create superyachts for sale each with the same fine Dutch quality and workmanship. They focus on the quality of their boats for sale, rather than the quantity: Moonen shipyard only builds about three or four yachts each year. This gives Moonen motor yachts an air of exclusivity.

Moonen luxury yachts are built using steel hulls, like the Italian shipbuilders of Mondomarine superyachts. Moonen are able to build both fully custom and semi-custom steel-hulled motor yachts and they also offer a full refit service both on Moonen superyachts and other brands of luxury yachts.

Moonen shipyards are currently offering a Displacement Series, an Explorer Series and an all-aluminium Fast Yacht Series of Semi-Displacement Yachts. Over the past two years this Dutch shipyard has released the following superyachts for sale: the Moonen 97, the Moonen 84, the Moonen 94 Alu and the Moonen 114, with the Moonen 97 being the most recent release.

The current range of Displacement yachts for sale is: the Moonen 124, the Moonen 97, the Moonen 96, the Moonen 84 and the Moonen 72. The also have the designs for a Moonen 105.

In the current range of Semi-Displacement motor yachts for sale are the Moonen 99Alu and the Moonen 94Alu. They also have artists' impressions of a Moonen 129 Alu and a Blue Bell 42 foot Semi-Displacement motor yacht.

In the range of current Explorer luxury yachts they are offering a Moonen 114 and there are designs for Moonen 148 Explorer, Moonen 130 Explorer, Moonen 90 Explorer and Moonen 83 Explorer models that are currently being developed.

Full details including technical specifications of all motor yachts and images of the sailing yachts sailing as well as their interior design can be found on the Shipyard website at

In 2008 the yacht building company has three luxury yachts for sale that are under construction: a Moonen 124, a Moonen 99 Alu and a Moonen 97. Their website lists their current Moonen yachts for sale that are available through their brokerage service.

The original shipyard is based in a town in the Netherlands called s'Hertogenbosch where they have been building luxury motor yachts for sale since 1981. They have now expanded their yard to include a 63 meters construction hall in a town called Groot-Ammers.

the yacht building will continue to build motor yachts up to 35 meters at the original facilities in s'Hertogenbosch where they also retain all their administrative functions. The new construction hall in Groot-Ammers has enable them to expand to build luxury superyachts of up to 45 meters.

The high quality of the Dutch workmanship on the Moonen range of yachts has been recognised and rewarded by the industry. In 2006 the Shipyard was awarded three awards for their yachts. They were the ShowBoats International Award Finalist, International Superyacht Design Award Finalist and Boat International World Superyacht Award Finalist.

This trend of award winning yacht design continued in 2007 when Moonen Shipyards won Yachts Magazine World Trophy Award for Innovative design.

With Moonen yachts it is all about the quality of Dutch workmanship and the exclusivity of the yachts that the yard produces. They are constantly working on new designs for their range of luxury motor yachts so that although all their yachts can be recognised as a typical Moonen design, they also continue to innovate and excite.

Their flexible approach to customization, being able to accommodate both fully custom and semi-custom designed yachts makes them very competitive in the exclusive field of designing and building steel-hulled luxury motor yachts.