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CNB 105 Yacht

CNB Bordeaux Yachts

CNB Yachts are a luxury superyachts manufacturer based in Bordeaux, France, on the shores of the Garonne River. CNB began in 1987 as part of the Beneteau group. CNB has acquired a good reputation for quality of construction and the finish of its boats with more than 40 luxury sailing yachts constructed from 20 to 32 meters. Designers utilised included Frers, Phillippe Briand, Farr and others.

The company produces both custom and semi-custom sailing yachts. The semi-custom line offers three yacht sizes from which to choose between 65 and 105 feet in length and over eighty percent of CNB’s fleet is exported. Each of the four CNB 64s is unique. The CNB 70 “Sagittario” is never confused with “Ino” or “Blues” just as the CNB 77 “Chrysalis T” is truly different from “Deep Blue”. The production management is governed by a CNB-developed software package and CNB offers owners the choice to have a yacht built in either aluminum or composite materials.

For composite construction CNB boasts a building where vacuum-infused resin is used in advanced composite building. In water testing is also possible at the CNB facility, with a sufficiently deep 984-foot waterfront quay. Yachts produced by CNB include the CNB 60, 77, German Frers 104 (Only Now).

The list of custom CNB yachts produced includes:

CNB 105 CNB 105
Spip CNB 77
Hamilton II CNB 117
Simeron Castro 82
Grand Bleu Vintage Briand 95
Joy Magnen/Fay
Only Now Frers 104
Viva Cabon 93
Chrysalys T CNB 77
Deep blue CNB 77
Blue Sky Messenger S&S 65
Havana CNB 64
Grand Cru CNB 64
Kimosabi CNB 64
Marina II CNB 64
Ino CNB 70
Don Juan Frers 95
Excalibur CNB 70
Sagittario CNB 70
Blues CNB 70
Victoria T Farr 106
Vivant Frers 76
Lilla CNB 76
Xtc CNB 76
Grand Bleu III CNB 76
Cap CNB 76
Sunday Morning CNB 76
Kalikobass Frers 76
Grand bleu II CNB 76
Narval II CNB 76
Ninon CNB 76
Maricea Frers 76
Bama CNB 76
Maricha II Frers 92
Chateau Branaire Frers 87
Jon-Mon CNB 64