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Horizon Yachts is located in Monticello, Kentucky, USA and builds aluminum houseboat yachts. The company boasts of a revolutionary hull design, the Horizon Trac Hull, which ensures travel in a straight line. With hundreds of craft designs and interior plans to choose from, Horizon Yachts is confident in their ability to design a houseboat or yacht to fit your personal needs and wishes. Horizon yachts and houseboats for sale include the past years’ demo yachts, which have already been built and tested and are ready for the owner’s enjoyment.

Horizon Yachts cares about its customers and makes efforts to stay in contact with them long after the sale of their boat. Recently Horizon sponsored a fish fry for Horizon owners. This party was held on a large boat dock so attendees could just pull right up in their yacht or houseboat and join in the festivities. The party was a casual atmosphere and a lot of fun, not to mention a great way to meet and interact with other Horizon owners. There was food and live entertainment, as well as friendships made that will last a lifetime. A fish fry might not sound like the sophisticated party that many yacht owners would expect to be invited to, but this is a Horizon party – and it is Kentucky after all, where people thrive on relaxation and boot kickin’ fun.

Buying a Horizon yacht is similar to buying a home, because you are buying a home away from home. The interiors of Horizon Yachts are large, livable spaces that offer all of the comforts of your own home. Some people actually purchase their Horizon yacht to be their residence and this is perfectly acceptable as there would be no need for another house. Many people want to live near the water, with a Horizon yacht, you can live on the water. Horizon yachts offer everything a homeowner could want or need, and then some.

One Horizon houseboat yacht for sale is the 2006 Demo. This is a 100’ x 20’ home with a hull. This yacht offers two king bedrooms, each with a private bath and a whirlpool bath in the master suite. The living space is open and very large with a lot of windows and sliding glass doors for natural lighting and to enjoy the views. The galley is very large and has top of the line Kenmore appliances. The sun deck is large enough to throw a small party on, and there is a 5’ swim platform with a hydraulic ramp.

Horizon Yachts offer quality yachts and houseboats for a fraction of the competitor’s similar sized yachts and more versatility if you want to cruise large rivers and gulfs or turn your yacht into a family home.

Established in April of 1996, Horizon Yachts has since delivered over 320 yachts and houseboats to owners all over the United States. The plant is 33,000 square feet and employs more than 80 builders, designers and technicians. The master craftsmen are all experienced houseboat/yacht builders and take pride in their work on every custom vessel they create. The goal of Horizon Yachts is to meet every customer’s special needs and to deliver them a quality affordable houseboat or yacht.

Horizon Yachts can be found online or you can visit them in Monticello, Kentucky to view their vast selection of custom designs and interior options or their boats for sale. You might even crash a party when you show up, and that’s okay because this is Kentucky and everybody is welcome to join in the partying. Horizon Yachts will be happy to have you.