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Baglietto Luxury Yachts

Baglietto Yachts is an Italian yacht builder which was founded in 1854 by Pietro Baglietto in Varazze, near the Port of Genova. Since then there has been 150 years of successful yacht construction from this Italian superyacht builder. In the early days Baglietto began building cargo boats, ferry boats and fishing boats.

With an ongoing tradition Baglietto now produces modern luxury sailboats and motor yachts and it’s pleasure boat lines include Ischia, Elba, Capri, Maiorca, Minorca are still some of the most sold models in Italy. Baglietto shipyards specialize in aluminium and steel construction of luxury motor yachts, military boats, coast-guard patrol boats, fast ferries, work boats, commercial vessels, tugs, passenger crafts.

Baglietto Yacht group now includes two shipyards, one located in Varazze and the other in La Spezia. Each shipyard enjoys their own design department with Autocad system, microstation, other technical and calculating softwares. Baglietto has systems allowing then to haul, launch and build yachts from 18m right up to 150m in length and 650 tons in weight. The company employs over 50 workers with an extra 400 specialized sub-contractors involved in the shipbuilding.

Having two shipyards, Varazze and La Spezia, allows Baglietto Yachts a significant exchange of experience to meet market requests. Varazze’s offers experience in the construction of fast performance hulls and light alloy vessels - fast motor yachts up to 40m. This is married with La Spezia’s construction of large vessels and marine equipment - fast ferries, military vessels and luxurious mega yachts over 40m. The result is a high level of technical expertise and capability.