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Timmerman Superyachts

Timmerman Yachts

Timmerman Yachts is a Dutch-Russian consortium superyacht building yard based in Russia. Timmerman builds steel displacement luxury motor yachts. Semi-custom yacht series of Timmerman Yachts includes TM26, TM33, TM40 and TM47. Other yachts include the Timmerman FD-52 custom build as pictured above. The unique feature Timmerman yachts of any size lies in their extreme seaworthiness which turns these yachts into real ships, reliable in all sea conditions.

Timmerman yachts are built at Moscow Shipyard – the leading Russian partner in the Timmerman Yachts project. The European Members of the project include some of the leading Dutch naval architects and designers of large displacement yachts such as Vripack Yachting International, Guido de Groot Design and Ginton Naval Architects. The yachts are all designed by the European superyacht partners. Modern technologies and equipment are used in the construction of the luxury yachts.

Powerful production capabilities, broad experience and profound knowledge of specialists, cooperation with the leading Dutch Naval Architects allow Timmerman yachts to realize the most incredible and daring ideas into their projects. The uniqueness of Timmerman yachts irrespective of their sizes is in their excellent navigability which makes the yachts real ships for any sea. The latest modern technologies and equipment are employed in the construction of Timmerman yachts.

The consortium allows its client to get a motor yacht with unlimited range and best consumer qualities, with attractive prices and in reasonable time. At present the shipyard is building 17 yachts.

With respect to the actual length of the yachts built Timmerman Yachts is among the ten leading shipyards of the world.

The Timmerman FD-52 was designed by Francis Design Ltd and she provides exceptional hydrodynamics and a long waterline length hull. This allows for striking looks as well as a speed of 18 knots with a low fuel consumption.