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Devonport Yachts build large superyachts and luxury motor yachts in England. The company is part of a tradition of boat building at the Devonport Royal Docks which have been building and supporting The British Royal Navy for over three hundred years. Devonport have turned their experience and expertise towards designing, developing and building superyachts for sale. Devonport Yachts and Devonport Royal Dockyard are now part of the Babcock Marine Division of Babcock International Group which provides them with exceptional financial stability.

Through Devonport's experience in designing and building luxury yachts they pride themselves on their wholly bespoke solutions. For example, they do not use ready-made hulls or other parts in the building of their superyachts - there are no templates for them to follow. They understand that it takes time to build luxury boats for sale and they have a dedicated team to do so.

Devonport's two superyacht building facilities are both based in Devon, at Plymouth and Appledore, in the United Kingdom. Due to Devonport's long history in building and supplying boats for The British Royal Navy, they place great importance on the confidentiality of their clients' projects and the nature of the work that they undertake for them. They only release details on their website of their luxury yachts for sale when they have been given express permission to do so by the client.

The current motor yacht building projects being undertaken by Devonport are: HMY Britannia - 126 meters; My Talitha G - 82.6 meters; Project 54 - 82 meters; My Salem - 74 meters; My Samar 76.8 meters; and Project 55 - 96 meters; and Sarafsa. Devonport are probably building more motor yachts for sale at the current time, however due to their strict adherence to client confidentiality garnered from many years working with the military naval forces, the details have not been released.

Devonport's commitment to client confidentiality is demonstrated throughout the design and build of each of their individual yachts for sale. The yachts are built under cover and won't be seen by the public until the sailing yachts sailing on the open seas, at the time of choice by the client. One of Devonport's site facilities at Plymouth in Devon is owned by the Ministry of Defence, so the security of your yacht's design is ensured. Many of Devonport's staff have security clearance as well.

Devonport sees itself in the market of designing and building luxury superyachts for the more discreet client. Devonport has created a team of experts who can take care of all aspects of the design and build of all the luxury yachts for sale at their facilities. They know that it takes time and money to build wholly bespoke superyachts and they make sure that they cater for the type of client who is looking for this level of service.

Devonport's long history of working with The British Royal Navy for over four centuries is very attractive for someone who is looking for luxury yachts for sale, and who has the time and the financial capacity to devote to one of Devonport's unique superyacht designs. As a client you can be fully involved in all aspects of the design, development and build of your luxury motor yacht. You can be confident that the design will be personalised for your requirements and that the details will remain confidential, unless you say otherwise.

Devonport encourages you to contact them to arrange a visit to one of their two shipbuilding facilities at Plymouth or Appledore in Devon, in the United Kingdom, to help you select the best shipyard for your requirements. Doing so will give you a feel for the level of service that you can expect to receive if you engage the services of Devonport to build your luxury yacht.