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Hargrave 115 Motor Yacht

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Hargrave custom yacht builders are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and are the makers of luxury yachts. They pride themselves on being one of the few builders of superyachts to offer fully custom built motor yachts for sale, in the 70 feet to 130 feet (21 meters to 40 meters) size category.

Hargrave have a solid history in navel architecture, the company was originally set up by legendary designer Jack Hargrave over 35 years ago. Jack Hargrave was known to some as "The man who put America on water". When the current CEO Michael Joyce rejoined Hargrave's in 1997, shortly after Jack Hargrave had passed away, he saw the potential to take the company in another direction.

Michael Joyce realized that the yachting industry had changed and that they needed to find a new niche if they wanted to keep on producing superyachts for sale. The idea of a fully customizable luxury yacht seemed like the logical progression for their superyachts design, as well as building upon the brand name started by Jack Hargrave.

Today the Hargrave product line of luxury yachts has the following yachts for sale in their most recent brochure:

The Hargrave Capri Series Motor Yacht 70 feet long (21 meters) has the capacity for 6 guests and 1-2 x crew members.

The Hargrave Capri Series Motor Yacht 82 feet long (25 meters) has the capacity for 7 guests and 1-3 x crew members.

Hargrave Capri Series Motor Yacht 90 feet long (27.5 meters) has the capacity for 7-10 guests and 2-3 x crew members.

Hargrave Capri Series Motor Yacht 97 feet long (29.5 meters) has the capacity for 8-12 guests and 2-4 x crew members.

Hargrave Capri Series Motor Yacht 100 to 130 feet long (30.5 to 40 meters) Raised Pilothouse Series has the capacity for 8-10 guests and 3-4 x crew members.

Hargrave had an original goal of producing 100 custom designed and built boats for sale. They are well on their way to achieving that goal with many customers becoming repeat customers of theirs. There is a certain thrill to seeing your sailing yacht sailing once it has been built to your exact specifications.

A Hargrave yacht is created by using the Hargrave approach towards custom building luxury motor yachts which has 6 steps: Design, Personalization, Visualization, Progress, Delivery and Support. Some of the luxury yachts that have been built this way by Hargrave are:

115' Tri-Deck Series MISSY B II; 108' Raised Pilothouse FREEDOM; 105' Capri Series Flush Deck DREAM; 99' Capri Series Raised Pilothouse KATINA; 96' Capri Raised Pilothouse La vida; 97' Raised Pilothouse OVERBORED; 97' Capri Fly Bridge HOOTER PATROL IV; 97' Raised Pilothouse GIGI; 94' Capri Sky Lounge SUGAR TOO; 94' Capri Sky Lounge CARISSIMA; 90' Raised Pilothouse DANI (Ex LADY MICHELLE); 90' Capri Sky Lounge MABUHAY LIMA; 81' Sky Lounge ED's TOY; 68' Capri TARA; 78' Sky Lounge BLUE MARTINI.

The Hargrave focus on the personalization of the design and build of luxury yachts means that each yacht reflects the personality of the owner, as is often reflected in the names of the motor yachts. Alongside the charter and brokerage services Hargrave also discusses about the resale value of your boat at the time of the design conception. This is something that is not often discussed by other shipbuilders of a comparable standard.

If you want to be fully included in all aspects of the design and build of your yacht and to create a highly individual vessel then you may find the service offered by Hargrave custom luxury yachts to be exactly what you are looking for.