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Princess Yachts International plc was founded in 1965 in Plymouth, a town in Devon in the United Kingdom with a long marine history. They are specialists in the Princess range of motor yachts for sale and have developed a very impressive number of models of luxury yachts.

The Princess brand range is separated into two categories, their collection of Flybridge yachts for sale and their V Class Sports Yachts. The models in the Flybridge range include the Princess 95MY Motor Yacht, the Princess 85 MY Motor yacht, the Princess 23 M, the Princess 21 M, the Princess 67, the Princess 62, the Princess 58, the Princess 54, the Princess 50, the Princess 45, and the Princess 42.

The models of boats for sale in their V Class Sports Yachts currently includes the Princess V85, the Princess V70, the Princess V65, the Princess V58, the Princess V53, the Princess V48, the Princess V45 and the Princess V42.

The full details of the Princess range of luxury yachts for sale including the technical specifications and pictures of sailing yachts sailing, together with details on the interior design are available at the company's website at

The history of Princess Yachts International spans over 40 years when the company first started out under the name of Marine projects in 1965. Their first job was the fit out and subsequent chartering of the motor yacht called Project 31. Following on from there, the company then launched a number of new models of motor yachts ranging between 20 to 30 feet. These early models of Princess yachts were all marketed as 'Projects' and 'Pilgrims'.

Over the next decade Princess Yachts International sold over 1,200 of the Princess 32 model of superyacht. It was this period of growth that really developed and established the Princess brand in the luxury superyachts for sale marketplace. Since then over eighty new model lines have been introduces to the Princess range.

Princess Yachts International has a network of distributors who are able to assist you if you are looking for Princess sports yachts and motor yachts for sale. This network is worldwide giving you access to their knowledge and expertise wherever you are located.

Princess Yachts International place great emphasis on the performance and safety of their range of luxury motor yachts. They are constantly researching for innovative solutions and additions to their already established designs. They ensure high standards of craftsmanship on both exterior and interior designs. Comfort and security are high on their list of priorities in addition to their core values of quality, strength and integrity.

After over four decades of experience in marine engineering, Princess Yachts International has become a market expert in providing innovative and leading edge design solutions. They combine the advantages of technological advancements in both the designing and building of their motor yachts, together with high levels of quality craftsmanship.

For the customer looking for an established brand of hand-built luxury yachts for sale, Princess Yachts provide a wide range of models in sports yachts and luxury motor yachts. When a shipbuilders has been established for as long as Princess Yachts International has been all the time focusing and developing the design of their product range you can be confident that you are getting a very refined, well-designed and high quality vessel.

A solid history such as Princess Yachts has means that they are a well-known and respected yacht builders in the luxury yacht manufacturing industry. They pride themselves on producing luxury motor yachts with an emphasis on performance and safety, together with superb design and craftsmanship by using their excellence in marine engineering garnered over more than forty years.