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Nuvolari & Lenard is an Italian design company which has many successful and popular designs on a number of large luxury super yachts. The yacht design company is responsible for the design onboard superyachts like S/Y FELICTA WEST, the OceAnco M/Y ALFA NERO (Y702) and the luxury performance motor yacht Palmer Johnson HOKULANI. These are big names in the world of luxury yachting.

The first studio of Nuvolari & Leonard was set up by the two designers during their youth. Dan was only 21 then and Carlo was 28. But their ages were not hindrance for them to make a name in this field. As early as 21 and 28 years old, they can be classified as good designers; as good as Palmer Johnson in US an Oceano in Europe. Some of their best designs are: “Saramour”, “Magnifica” and “Magnifica II”.

These two designers believe that there is need to separate the exterior and interior designs of yachts, which they did extensively. They believe that the interior needs a thorough specialization. The interior designer needs to cope up with the needs of the customer and at the same time the technical aspects of the yacht. For example, the changing needs of the customer include an extensive wiring since most megayacht users do a lot of surfing and computer jobs while inside the yacht.

The exterior service would always demand for a great physical character of the yacht. Not all companies offer services, the interior and exterior designing of yacht. This is what Nuvolari & Lenard are capable of. They can do the interior and exterior design of the yacht. So, the customer needs not to worry who will do the exterior and who will do the interior. Sometimes, the customers are busy people that they do not have enough time to check all interior and exterior designers of yachts.

Many popular designers of yachts can be found in Italy with the Italian design and yachting traditions being strong. Italy has made its name for arts and crafts and is now making a name for yacht designing. The famous names in yacht designing in Italy are Carlo Nuvolari-Duodo and Dan Lenard. Carlo Nuvolari-Duodo is a former engineer and Lenard is a former designer.

Nuvolari & Lenard opened a new showroom in Venice, Italy. In this new showroom, the customers can get different kinds of services. First, in this showroom, the customer can get concepts and lay out services. This service is good and advisable for new customers or those who are new in the field of yachting. Next, this new showroom can also offer marine architecture and design and also marine engineering. This is very important since most customers are just thinking of their luxury while inside the yacht. They are not even thinking of their safety. This is true especially for new customers. But since they are new in this field, they should be exposed to designers like Nuvolari & Lenard who are thinking of their customer's safety. Not just their customer's luxury time.

Just like any competitive business, Nuvolari & Leonard is also facing some problems and challenges. In this new world where everything is almost possible, these two designers think that they are experiencing or they are victims of plagiarism. According to them, they think that sometimes, they can see their designs in other competitor's websites. They even gave examples in one of their interviews; they said that they saw a boat in Dubai Boat show just like the yacht they designed for OceAnco.

Second, they said that there is also a boat they designed for Palmer Johnson, which they saw perfectly cloned in a boat show also. According to Carlo Nuvolari, there is a thin line that divides “copying” from plagiarism. This is very hard to defend in court. He also said that it is impossible in the field where they are to defend that something was plagiarized. But he said that until now, they are doing their best to be original and to design the best yachts in the world. At least being copied is the highest accolade.