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Established in 1969, McMullen & Wing Ltd. of New Zealand made a name for themselves as a pioneer in the construction of aluminum yachts. Since that time McMullen & Wing has been commissioned to build winning sailing yachts and a number of motor yachts of different sizes, designs and materials. The company was purchased in 1986 by David and Terry Porter. Prior to this acquisition, McMullen & Wing was a prominent shipbuilder, but the Porters have catapulted the company to becoming one of the countries’ most sought after ship and yacht builders.

Currently McMullen & Wing has undertaken its largest project to date. The Big Fish is a 45 meter motor yacht designed by the naval architect team of Gregory C. Marshall. This luxury yacht is designed with a full, three story atrium with a full featured wall and stairwell, and nearly full height glass windows, which will give the owners and captain of this yacht amazing views and natural light. McMullen & Wing will be using CAD technology to ensure that the design of this superyacht is carried out without flaw. The yacht is expected to be delivered in late 2009.

McMullen & Wing also constructed Black Magic in 1995, along with two other 12 meter racing yachts for the 1995 America’s Cup Challenge, in which Black Magic went on to win giving McMullen & Wing the added prestige to their name that set them at the top of the yacht building industry.

To display another side of McMullen & Wing yacht building talent, the Fritha, launched in 1985, is a 74’ classic sailing yacht that puts one in mind of the ancient sailing ships that crossed to oceans to discover America. The building of this ship took a talent that few shipyards have displayed, inside and out. The interior is as classic as the outside of the yacht, yet technologically modern. A true testament to the building capabilities of McMullen & Wing is that Fritha looks as good today as she did more almost 25 years ago. For anyone hoping to own such a classic beauty, Fritha is on the market. This yacht for sale is docked in Portsmouth, Rhode Island and her asking price is a firm $989,000 USD. That’s a bargain!

2006 saw the launch of one of the world’s fastest motor yachts at the time, Ermis2. This craft is a 124’ high speed motoryacht that is ultra lightweight and can travel at an amazing 55 knots or more. The exterior has a classic look while the interior offers more of an Avant Garde feel with clean lines and opposing colors. You can take a look at Ermis2 at McMullen & Wing’s website, where they show photos of the building process up to launch. The launch of Ermis2 is on of McMullen & Wing proudest moments, and the moment when this company was once again recognized as a builder who can conform to any design.

In 2006 McMullen & Wing began to design and build a line of production tenders. This launched yet another lofty addition to their diverse portfolio and the company is now well known to be the builder to see for custom tenders to match custom superyachts. Is there nothing this builder can’t do?

McMullen & Wing facilities consist of a 100,000 foot enclosed construction building as well as a vast outdoor shipyard. There is a 300 ton slipway with a 50 meter shed, and a 70 ton travel lift. McMullen & Wing also owns a private marina to securely house yachts and superyachts during and after their launches. McMullen & Wing Ltd. is located at 21 Gabador Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland in New Zealand.