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New Zealand Yachts

New Zealand Yachts boasts the largest undercover shipyards in New Zealand. At their yard in Whangarei, New Zealand, they can handle luxury yachts of up to 65 meters in their undercover facilities.

New Zealand Yachts are the makers of high quality luxury motor yachts with their Wavepiercer range of superyachts. New Zealand Yachts also custom build luxury yachts for sale. There is a history of quality craftsmanship in the building of boats for sale in Whangarei that spans over 100 years.

The motor yachts for sale in their Wavepiercer range include: the S25.310, the S30.385, the S35.510, the S41.860 and the S50.1310. What sets their Wavepiercer luxury motor yachts apart from many of their competitors' ranges of yachts is their ecologically conscious design.

The Wavepiercer Yachts have been designed to use an average of 40% less fuel than equivalent superyachts with mono hulls. This has a financial as well as ecological impact with fuel costs being greatly reduced.

The hull forms of the Wavepiercer Yachts have been designed so that the amount of surface wake and below surface pressure wake is reduced. What this means on an ecological level is that shore side erosion is stopped and the impact of pressure wakes on coral reefs and other sensitive marine environments is reduced.

This attention to ecological concerns in the design of the Wavepiercer Yachts by New Zealand Yachts sets them apart from the other builders of luxury yachts and superyachts for sale. Their full displacement hull also makes them much smoother than other motor yachts even when they are sailing in very tough conditions.

Attention to detail is of prime importance to New Zealand Yachts approach to their custom built luxury yachts for sale. The materials they use are advanced composite, steel and alloy. They have combined their many years of shipbuilding experience with the latest technological innovations in navel design and can now produce very high quality motor yachts in a much reduced timescale.

There are seven stages to the New Zealand Yachts approach to luxury yachts to sale starting with the initial contact through to the handing over of the keys. They invite you to visit their shipyard or one of their sales representatives will visit you anywhere in the world to introduce you to their Wavepiercer range of yachts and their custom-build yachts.

During a custom build commission the focus is very much on your personal preferences. New Zealand Yachts representatives encourage you to create your own collection of images of yachts and interiors, as well as home interiors that you like. This can be gathered from images in magazines, and this helps them to create a style sheet for your very own personal touches to the design, both interior and exterior, of your luxury motor yacht.

Unlike some other shipbuilders, after initial contact and discussions, New Zealand Yachts can offer you what they call a 'low level contract'. This means that at this stage you have not signed a Commitment Agreement, however they will start to design and create specifications based on your discussions regarding your luxury yacht. You can skip this step however, and go straight to step 3 which is the signing of the Commitment Agreement.

The fourth step in the New Zealand Yachts design and build process is the signing of the Sales Agreement, and this then starts the next step, the build process. Another service offered by New Zealand Yachts is the creation of a dedicated website for the construction of your yacht.

This dedicated website gives you access to view the progress of your yacht from wherever you are in the world, any time of day or night. The website is used as a communication tool between you and the team of craftsmen working on your luxury yacht. You are also invited to visit your yacht during the construction stage at the yard. The final two stages of your yacht building experience are the launch and commission of your luxury yacht and the handing over of the keys.

New Zealand Yachts cater for the client looking for luxury yachts for sale but who want something above the ordinary. With their unique ecological design of their luxury motor yachts they certainly put themselves at the forefront of the luxury yacht makers in the industry.