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Delta Marine build quality luxury motor yachts in a 18 acre shipyard located between downtown Seattle and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, just a few minutes from Boeing Field. Jones Family founded Delta in the early 1960s when they began making high-speed pleasure boats, and then the finest charter and commercial fishing boats on the market. More than 800 yachts have been successfully delivered. This has given Delta a solid foundation for its subsequent development into the luxury superyacht market.

In the 1980s, Delta shifted its focus and embarked on the demanding mission it to build the world's finest luxury yachts. Since 1990, Delta's new construction has consisted exclusively of mega yachts of highest distinction. Throughout the preceding years Delta has received top awards in several categories, including "Best Motor Yacht Interior" and "Highest Technical Achievement" at the annual ShowBoats Rendezvous in Monaco.

After four decades, Delta, now a vibrant company 350 people strong, continues a heritage of leadership and unrivaled excellence, a tradition spanning oceans and generations.

Some notable Delta yachts include:

MR. TERRIBLE; 154', Delta 2007
HAPPY DAYS; 164', Delta 2006
TRITON; 163', Delta 2004
SINBAD; 126', Delta 2002
GRAN FINALE; 147', Delta 2002
AERIE; 124', Delta 2001
GALLANT LADY; 160', Delta 2000