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Mondo Marine 41m

Mondo Marine

Mondo Marine SpA are the makers of the Mondomarine luxury yachts and are based in Savona Italy. Like other Italian yacht makers, Mondo Marine Spa is a family business. The company is managed by two brothers, Elio and Ferruccio Stroppiana. Mondo Marine SpA have been producing the Mondomarine range of luxury motor yachts for sale since 1978.

They have launched a number of superyachts including:

Tribu' - 50 Meter - 2007
Panther - 41 Meter - 2007
Streamline - 40 Meter - 2007
Princess Iolanthe - 45,50 Meter - 2006
Kimberly II - 42,65 Meter - 2006
O'Ceanos - 50 Meter - 2006
Fabri's - 40 Meter - 2005
Blue Belle - 40,45 Meter - 2003
Azure - 29 Meter - 2003
Enneffe - 24 Meter - 2003
Blu Mizar - 41,50 Meter - 2002
New Ekim - 29 Meter - 2000
Alba Lady - 26 Meter - 1996
New York Lady - 30 Meter - 1995
Ekim - 26 Meter - 1995
Fauchon - 35 Meter - 1994
Antares - 40 Meter - 1991
M60 - 18 METER - 1990

Since the launch of Tribu' in 2007 Mondo Marine SpA now have another seven motor yachts under construction. One project that is currently in progress is for a Mondomarine 64 Meter motor yacht designed by Studio Vafiadis. The seven motor yachts that are currently under construction at Mondo Marine SpA are:

Mondomarine Semidisplacement 41 Meter Panther 2
The 41 Meter Three Decks
The Little Ship 40 Metres
The 41 Meter
The 49 Meter designed by Cor D. Rover
The 50 Meter TOY A
And the Mondomarine Semidisplacement 50 Meter designed by Studio Vafiadis

Amongst their other yachts for sale, Mondo marine SpA also have a Mondomarine Semidisplacement 41 meter luxury superyacht for sale.

Something that sets Mondomarine motor yachts apart from other competitors in their field is that they are one of an exclusive group of shipbuilders who have the expertise and facilities to build luxury superyachts for sale made from light alloy and / steel. They also offer a full refit service for any make of motor yacht, not just Mondomarine superyachts. Their refit service is given as much priority as their yacht building work.

There is a sense of understated quality about Mondo Marine SpA, their superyachts for sale are all designed with true Italian style. Their work focuses on building quality, luxurious yachts. All of their customers who dream of sailing yachts sailing on the seas of the world can be reassured of the level of work that they will receive from this Italian luxury motor yacht builders.

Full details of the Mondomarine range of luxury motor yachts and boats for sale can be seen on their website at They have several pictures of each Mondomarine superyacht as well as full Technical Specification documents that you can download. You get a sense that they are passionate about their work and truly dedicated to building high quality luxury yachts.

If you have been looking for luxury superyachts for sale and are interested in an Italian style of yacht then the Mondo Marine SpA range of Mondomarine luxury motor yachts may be what you have been looking for. Their yachts are built entirely in Italy and have the distinctive Italian look and style in their interiors and exteriors.

Levels of craftsmanship on the Mondomarine motor yachts are high, and everything from the design, production, build, sale and follow up service, including any refits, are treated with the same quality levels that you would expect from an Italian ship builders that has been working in the industry for thirty years.