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Farr Yachts

Farr Yacht Design is a racing sailing and luxury yacht design team. Its yachts measure from 25 to 125 feet (7.5 to 38 meters) and Farr develops custom and production yachts, including: interiors, sails, and hull design.

Bruce Farr Yacht Design is known as one of the most successful sailing racing yacht design teams in the world. This is because Farr Yacht Design enjoys one of the most extensive and impressive sailing records of racing. The company also has a history of conceiving many successful luxury yachts and works under the leadership of master naval architect Bruce Farr.

Farr yacht’s long-running record of achievement dates back more than 20 years and includes 40 World Championships won in Farr designs. There are also many race victories at internationally prestigious grand prix yachting events; to name a few:the Whitbread Round the World Race (now the Volvo Ocean Race) the Admiral's Cup, the Commodores' Cup, the Kenwood Cup, the Sardinia Cup, Southern Cross and many others.

Farr also has also had a long and strong association with many America’s Cup challenger yachts. The luxury sailing yachts produced understandably have an emphasis on speed and performance, although this has not been at the expense of comfort and style.