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Skylge by Holland Jachtbouw

Holland Jachtbouw Yachts

Holland Jachtbouw is a Dutch shipbuilding company that builds custom luxury yachts. The company is located close to Amsterdam, central to the Dutch yacht building industry. The company was formed in 1990 and has a focus not only on custom building motor yachts and superyachts, but also on refitting and refurbishing luxury yachts.

Current projects in the yard at Holland Jachtbouw include two new build projects and one refit project. The first new build project is for a 62 meter schooner called Athos, with delivery due set for 2009. The second new build project is a luxury motor yacht for an existing customer. This customer has very specific requirements around the customization of the yacht and the quality of the finished product. Excellent communication is needed between Holland Jachtbouw and the client to ensure that all the requirements are fully met.

The third current project was originally a project for a refit of a yacht however it has evolved to become a complete refurbishment project. The luxury yacht is a 42.10 meter motor yacht called Life Saga.

With a focus on custom built yachts there is not a specific product line of superyachts that are produced by Holland Jachtbouw; each one is individually created for the customer. However examples of three of their custom built yachts, with full details available on their website, are indicative of the quality of the yachts for sale that Holland Jachtbouw offer. The Cassiopeia was built in 2004 and is a 21-knot semi-displacement aluminium flybridge cruiser.

In 2005 Holland Jachtbouw were commissioned to build a two-masted aluminium schooner called Skylge. This schooner has since then won the Highest Technical Achievement in a Sailing Yacht award from ShowBoats and was also nominated for the International Superyacht Design Award. The third example is the YII, a fast sloop that was custom built by Holland Jachtbouw in 2006.

Holland Jachtbouw has adopted a unique approach to the manufacture of luxury yachts for sale, by following the methodology of World Class Manufacturing. They use this to enhance their primary objectives of cost-effectiveness, flexibility and quality. All their boats for sale have to be built to their high Dutch standards of craftsmanship in yacht building.

This is a company that takes its work in crafting custom built yachts very seriously. It looks after its staff and works hard to make them feel part of the organisations ideals, expressed through its vision and mission statements. The staff have more ownership over their work and this translates to a better deal for the customer. Levels of satisfaction are high for the people that build the yachts and the people who buy them.

Holland Jachtbouw likes to work closely with their customers on the design and build of their yachts. It is important to them that the customer is involved every step of the way a this ensures that they are completely satisfied. The organisation and expertise of the craftsmen at Holland Jachtbouw means that they are able to be very flexible during the design and build process which is a big benefit to the customer.

What sets Holland Jachtbouw apart from some of their other competitors is their refit and refurbishment work. They are happy to undertake refits and refurbishments to any motor yachts not just motor yachts for sale that were made by them. They give as much care and attention to refit and refurbishment projects as they do to commissions for custom built yachts.

The website for Holland Jachtbouw at has more detailed information on their current projects and on some of the custom build motor yachts for sale, and their refit and refurbishment projects. There are extensive pictures of the interiors and exteriors of their boats, as well as images of their sailing yachts sailing after the project completion.